A Brainstorm, Turning Out To Be a Mere Finger Exercise.

2 Nov
  It’s been a long time since I came on Live Spaces. Not that I had anything to write, though. The most recent entries contained little more than loud groaning in Caps Lock (ex.: ‘AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHH’. Easy to type out, but not very helpful). That’s changed–I shall refrain from any further groaning sessions.
  What hasn’t changed, though, is that I still haven’t anything to write about.
  I suppose I could make a start on my English homework, but the Writer’s Block is a woeful thing.
  I suppose I could begin with describing the weather. Yesterday it suddenly became cold. So is today. The weather forecast predicts better weather tomorrow. Meanwhile, it’s as cold as it shouldn’t get in early November. Or, as it should. I’ve never been one to mind the weather much. There. I described the weather.
  I suppose I ought to continue with something more…meaningful, shall I say. It troubles me that Facebook should come to mind instead of my still-waiting Math homework. It troubles me further that I feel no desire to complete it. Instead, I must spread great word of joy. I am on Facebook. There. I completed another paragrap, equally meaningless as the last.
  I suppose I should be doing something more productive than writing a blog entry on Windows Live Spaces that nobody would ever read.
  I heed my own advice.
  Good-bye, Windows Live Spaces. I shall see you sometime again.
  Meanwhile, I really should get on with my homework…

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