On Random Musings

14 Nov
Dear Blog,

  It’s true that I have nothing at all to write about. I personally think that you are an absolute waste of time. I would have refrained from saying that, but I suppose I failed. It is indeed an interesting coincidence that I have lots of homework, piled up and waiting to be done.
  I suppose, though, that I ought to congratulate myself on the fact that the second issue of the Mag has been sent to Mr. Williams.
  Dear Blog, I admit that it sucks.
  Dear Blog, I hate that you are wasting all my time. I have homework to do, yet here I am, blogging.
  Today I went riding again. It was nice. And warm. And damn awesome, although I was aware that my life was entirely dependent on an animal.
  I can argue that I’m not entirely a wimp. I’m only wimpy sometimes. Please don’t bring up the subject of PE class. Speaking of PE class, dear Blog, I got a D. This sucks major, but I expected it. Dear Blog, I feel incredibly stupid for writing all this. It’s nagging on my common sense, which is screaming for me to delete all this rather complaint-ridden junk.
  However, Dear Blog, you are at least good for one thing–you keep me occupied. And wasting time. Perhaps this may help my writing skills a little. At least you keep me exercising my fingers in the dim hope that one day someone will stumble across this lonely and long-forgotten blog and read it. After all, my hands are cold. Dear Blog, I feel like blaming everything on you.
  Speaking of being cold, the weather has become very…cold. I couldn’t come up with an adequate synonym. It must be the temperature.
  I have read this through and decided that it is a rather depressing read. I’m sorry that I have to bore the people who happen to come across this blog.
  Maybe I should talk about something relatively happier. Ironically, I feel rather happy at the moment. It surprises me that I should write a depressing blog filled with complaints when I’m feeling rather happy. The bakery near my home, incidentally, is rather good. It has all these suitably awesome pastries that don’t cost all that much, either. They even have little sofas and wireless Internet! I’m looking forward to a wasted afternoon in there with my laptop.
  LAPTOP! I got a new laptop. It’s a ThinkPad, bearing the same resemblance as Mr. McNamara’s computer. I suppose that in the following days, I will be able to use his laptop with better ease, should the situation ever arise.
  I love you, new laptop. I wish I was using you right now, but you have absolutely nothing in you.
  My Math homework waits for me. The bread has been baked (yes, bread. Baking.) and it awaits my attention.

  Dear Blog, you have wasted half an hour of my time.
  I’ll come back later.



2 Responses to “On Random Musings”

  1. Trianna November 27, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    My laptop ain\’t new, but it is shiny and upgraded. I anticipate many happy hours spent downloading useless stuff onto my desktop. Anyway, you are a wimp, you bovine D-student. KEEP ON EXERCISING YOUR FINGERS. SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE IMPRESSIVE MUSCLES IN THEM. THEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RIDE HORSES, USING YOUR MUSCLY FINGERS.

  2. Amy November 28, 2009 at 10:04 pm #

    Who\’s the D-student? You\’re downloading useless stuff from the Net and going on TvTropes. At least I\’m exercising my fingers, which is better than what you\’re doing. I DON\’T have muscly fingers. And I never will.

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