On…Life in general.

27 Nov
Dear Blog,
  It is always interesting how teachers seem to have telepathy. Some weeks they’d all give little or no homework, and the next masses of homework from many different subjects, all at once. Extra points if you have extracurricular competitions etc. I hate busy times. God.
  Argh. I need to finish the Art Competition thingy. And all that…and color it…auuggghh.
  Omegle is just…funny. Just damn fun. It’s a website that enables you to chat with random strangers. Beware of perverts, though.
  I just got Photoshop Portable. It isn’t working so far, but…yeah. Later I’ll go try to make it work…possibly at home. Dude. Guys sitting right in front me being unforgivably noisy.
  Oh. Next class time. Bye.

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