Days in the life of a Student

22 Jan
Dear Blog,

  How ironic it is that certain individuals have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, take crowded public transport and try to swallow their breakfast amidst people attempting to crush them to bits only to get back home at 6 p.m. while others can get up at 7:00 without much worry and enjoy their masses of free time at home in the afternoon.
  How ironic it is that other people can even get up whenever they would like to without any parental interference.
  How sad it is that I would happen to fit exactly into the first category. Thinking

  On a slightly happier note, I certainly am on the Net. That fact alone, you see, is worthy of a celebration. I am utterly and completely puzzled at why the hell I cannot seem to connect my mobile phone to the computer. Other than that, though, I’m content. I shall install Sims City 4 on my computer to add to the collection of games that I want but will never get around to play. Open-mouthed

  The exams have finished. Round of applause, please. It is woeful that I have completely and utterly failed both my Maths and Chinese (at least, as I am convinced). If I do not get a grip on my Math I shall…er, get a grip. MATH! As for Chinese…well. I won the Composition Competition–but it doesn’t do much good when it comes to the actual exams. Music was suitably tolerable, although I would rather like to complete a re-test. All in all, my hope lies with English and Science, of which they were absolutely awesome. Science was easy…English was pretty fun too. Nerd
  We have yet to complete the History essay for the test. I would hope that it will turn out okay. By okay, I mean top. Top is okay. Not top is…not that okay?
  Art…what am I supposed to say about Art? Is there even anything to say about Art? The teacher is gay and sucks *****. I honestly doubt if he is professional. He can’t control the class, cannot judge if a movie is appropriate and knows squat about IGCSEs. He knows squat! By ‘project’, we do NOT mean ‘another useless picture, only with a theme’. By ‘project’, what we DO mean is ‘a proper IGCSE project, with research and steps to take, complete with a last final piece’. Didn’t we explain it already? What part of ‘PROPER IGCSE PROJECT’ does he NOT understand? The class is fine and everyone can slack off, but in the long run? NOT happening! (Even I…hate the whole sketchbook thing. But it’s proper IGCSE.)
  I take my vengeance on HaiBao, and I will SHOW THEM. Angry
  Today, the boys in our class brought ‘gay’ to a new extreme. They happened to storm the Ladies’ Bathroom. What can I say about that? Nothing much, except for that I am glad that I videoed it.
  My camera finally was put to use today. Camera

  Dear Blog, numerous pieces of homework await me. (On another note, so does Sims City 4.)
  Just imagine that I log off and return diligently to my homework. Just pretend that I do. Angel

  Keep pretending. If you think about it hard enough, you might just start to believe it yourself. Maybe.

Aim Wink



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