On Net

2 Feb
Dear Blog,

  You know. Internet. It’s really contagious and all…I mean, once you’re on, you can’t stop. Homework? Bleh. Sleep? Useless! NETNETNETNET…
  …Er, yeah. That just sort of happens sometimes. Half of the time. Most of the time. Like, always! (For example, er, now.)
  This is just boring. There’s hardly anything that I can blog about, but I’m that bored and that sad to write one anyway. Hey, I like Net, and I like writing. You can’t blame me for taking the best of both worlds!? Yeah. Hey, yeah, and today there was this tiny-scale performance for some parents (I have no idea). Everyone was fine, but I guess I messed up bigtime. Don’t look at me! I was only informed yesterday! I…it was supposed to be Mr. Lim, not me!
  The awesome part of it was, we got free pizza (aka dinner) and a free taxi ride home. Which was just awesome.
  Holy…I like my headphones. And, er, I seem to be taking to saying ‘Holy ________ (insert verb-noun here)’ rather often now. Hell, all the verbal tics combined in one? Not cool. But sort of fun, anyway.
  Goddamn it I finally get some time to myself, and I waste it here? Of all places? I mean, seriously… Come on. I could be drawing. Photoshop-ing. Writing. Or, um, sleeping. But see this equation: Homework > Sleep.
  HOWEVER: Net > Homework.
  So, the entire complete equation is: Net > Homework > Sleep.
  Of course, Mom only needs to know the latter part of it.
  I’m going to see what I can do on Photoshop.

You’ve wasted my time, I hate you,


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