On English Homework

3 Feb
Dear Blog,

  Holy English Homework, I’m on here again. I suppose that I could stage an at least semi-convincing argument that Blogging is a form of writing, and therefore good practice (and English-related! It’s not a waste of time!)…?
  The loophole: I’m blogging while I’m supposed to be doing English homework.
  Sort of ironic, really.
  Oh crap, and there’s still Chinese homework after this. Better not get on teacher’s bad side–parent’s meeting just round the corner! This is really treading on thin ice here…gulp… Fingers crossed, everyone! At least, everyone to whom it matters! We’ll live through this! Probably! Hopefully! Maybe! …maybe…
  Never again will I stand to face the disgust of the last report. The…shame! The horror! The disaster!
  Yup, English almost finished. Yay! Er…yeah.
  Here I come, Chinese Homework. Prepare to be conquered! Prepare to be completed! Prepare to be overcome!



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