On Lasties

4 Feb
Dear Blog,
  I hate last ____s. Any last things. With those always come goodbyes and, inevitably, changes. And Dear Blog how I hate changes! Life is good now, why not keep it the same? Although I admit, I want new people to come to G9. Nice people, and by that I simply mean "not a jerkwad". Hey, that’s simple! I’m not asking for much. The last thing I want is for the 9th Grade to turn in to some Jerkwad Harbor. That would totally suck.
  Holy verbal tics, I just used ‘totally’ in a sentence.
  Oh yeah, and How I Met Your Mother was pretty cool. I’d always imagined it as a movie, though. The guy kept on getting slapped XD! Yeah. Um…just…yeah.
  It’s History class. We’re in the ICT lab. Don’t ask why I haven’t got anything better to do. Once again, it’s arguable that I’m practising my…English writing skills! Yup, that’s exactly what this is. It is not due to being sad or lacking a life. This is an act of diligence! Nothing else. ACT OF DILIGENCE, I SAY!
  I want to go on Omegle. But er, please no perverts…just no… Er, yeah.
  David Lee and Mikey are leaving. Sho and Ai have already left (and Sho left his umbrella here. :D) Our class has become reasonably smaller. I would like to see new people here next semester. (Who are not jerkwads.) (You know.) Ahh…
  Seriously, there’s nothing to write about.
  Maybe I’ll just get a move on and do some past ICT papers.
  Or something. Write. Draw?
  Or something.
Nothing much to say I guess but Goodbye and Have A Nice Holiday,
Comment if you read this. = = I’m waiting…
Okay, yeah. Just……..yeah.

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