On Road Hazards

8 Feb
Dear Blog,

I might not be such a road hazard, but I am by no means actually successful.
Today I went biking twice…first in my 小区 then outside. And I didn’t fall off…not even once. …Applause…?
I guess I just got on and rode wherever I thought made sense.
Plan: ______________.
There was no plan.
So I guess that was why I went around Min Hang District for an hour and a half before finding my way back again.
Alison’s house is difficult to find.
The first time, I went past it. Upon asking the policeperson: ‘你走过头啦! 在后边! 要调头走!’
Me: = =lll Er…it’s alright…I was just…asking…
And I kept on going until I stopped knowing what was going on, so I turned back.
Upon coming back: I went past her house until I saw the sign: 往徐家汇方向高架
Which sort of sucked. I wasn’t going to
Note to Self: Bike rides are goddamn tiring. Evade the bridges. They suck.
When I was riding back I looked up at some sign thing and promptly rode straight into some ditch (like, a missing bit in the ground?).
Sucked. Didn’t fall, but veered off course into the middle of the road…
Strange looks ensued.
  I can’t believe that I’d never had the guts to do this before. It’s just all my eyes. I couldn’t see a goddamn thing (which was why I wore another pair today). I mean, I couldn’t see clearly until anything was right in front of me…which took "Life is full of surprises" to a whole new level. Today was awesome. Anyway…
  It was tiring all the same. 6…7? bridges in total, I think. Goddamn it anaerobic-respiration-lactic-acid-oxygen-debt-sucks-bad-for-you-IWANTMYOXYGENBACK.
  Er…just ignore that, will you?
  In conclusion, though, it was fully awesome.
  I just might do that again tomorrow. =)

I need sleep now,


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