On Stationery

9 Feb


  So…yeah, and here I am again. Nothing fancy, just English homework.
Haven’t gotten around to even pretending that I’d started. Maybe I’ll write
some today, but mostly I’ve just been drawing. Ahh…the joys of actually
having any free time at all! Not so much this holiday, though. I’m packing and
all that shit. Basically I’m just trying to read when nobody’s looking, drawing
("Ohh…you were calling for me? I didn’t hear…" works. Most of the
time. Er…sometimes.)…or, um, pretending to do something academically
  Ex. "Why are you on the Net again? What are you doing?"
       "This is my…Art project. I’m having
a head start."
       "Why does it require the
       "I…need to do research. Er…it’s
for the sketchbook. Higher grades…"
       "Okay, let me have a look… Why
are you reading webcomics?
       "This is a Narrative Art
       "…Comics are a form of
narrative art
  So, er, basically, most of the time I get away with it. Course of
action: Salvage Net time. It ain’t very…moral, but it’ll do. Desperate times
call for desperate measures. This could probably be labeled as a ‘desperate
time’. Pretty much.
  Ah, the end of the first semester. And OMG TIME FLIES. It seems like
just yesterday when I was chanting "We come in peace. We mean no harm.
Please don’t hurt us!"… When I was still angst-ing over the lack of
Geography classes… When we shooed people from other grades away from our
Class Party, because we had the most food and the best people. 🙂
  And there were worse times, such as End-of-term Report times. I can’t
believe this year was so…epic fail. I guess nobody’s infallible.
  Today, I cleaned out my room… Holy, I never knew I had so much stuff.
Upon cleaning out all those drawers full of stationery, I discovered:
3 sets of geometrical tools (triangle ruler, right-angle ruler, protractor,
3 boxes of pencils,
about 30 more pencils ranged B-6B,
7 erasers,
2 boxes of oil pastels,
2 boxes of color pencils,
2 boxes of watercolor
and more than 40 pens (appox.).
  No wonder mom was mad at me every time I went to the stationery store.
My stuff filled more than 2 plastic boxes. And…yeah. Even I was surprised.
But hey, I can’t help it! I just HAVE TO buy all those pens. Don’t look at me
like that! It brings me Happiness. Joy. Peace. Er…contentment. Yeah yeah you
get the gist.
  And I’m gonna try to finish my books…I have like 7 or so books I
discovered that I hadn’t read yet. ‘Under A Blood Red Sky’ is a GOOD BOOK.
Holy…it’s good. No questions asked =). Some are more kiddy, but they’re good
in another way. Newbery Honor books tend to be somewhat simple, but straight to
the point and generally very good once you get into it. Same for the Pratchett
books. Come to think of it, there are just so many good books waiting, and here
I am with no time to read them. Or wasting my time on the Net, such as now.
  Mozilla Firefox StumbleUpon is fully awesome.
  And hey, I like biking now that I can see and all. 😀 I guess I’m
picking it up again.

Books to read, stories to write, comics to draw, and homework to do.

PS: 10 mins later= I downed my mug of apple vinegar + water. It’s more vinegar than water. It is damn sour

      Now my throat’s burning. Crap. Shoulda added more water.

      And my stomach too, now.



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