On Complaints

1 Mar
Dear Blog,

  We, as students, are best at complaining. After all, we do have much to complain about. The homework, the teachers, the schoolwork, the tests, the lunches that suck, the lunches that don’t suck…perhaps even the fact that there is nothing to complain about.
  I’m not being emo or anything, just…er…a bit depressed? Tired, if it’s clearer. Depressed isn’t my thing. It makes me think of air pressure for some reason, which leads to my thinking about rainclouds and…yeah, rain. Which sucks. So, yeah, no depressed. Tired. Always use ‘tired’ in the place of ‘depressed’. "He felt tired after receiving a 0 on his test"? I guess…the logic isn’t impeccable.
  But hey, today was that stupid 200m sprint. Okay, it was fun and all that, but the results are disastrous. Now I want to sleep. I felt like sleeping in ICT.
  Tomorrow, I’ll probably get cramps.
  Er…sucks even more.
  Ah! Fellow complainers! We have not yet overcome the oppression that we face! We have not yet triumphed over our load of homework! But we cannot back down and give in to the oppression! We will fight till our last breath for our freedom (free time?)! And…er…
   …now I have to return to my History essay… = =

Bye, Blog…I wish I was free of this oppression…I mean, homework…


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