Epic Re-Awakening of Blog Awesome!

8 Mar
Dear Blog,

  No, no. Nothing of the sort. No, this entry isn’t as epic or shocking or whatever as the title suggested. I just felt like writing that. At least…at least it states that my blog is awesome. I mean, a blog belonging to such an awesome person (aka ME Open-mouthed) oughta be awesome. So, er, it is.
  Yeah, I just wrote a completely useless, meaningless paragraph revolving around my inflated ego.
  Hey, can’t blame me. There’s this pile of homework waiting for me. And Al, I’m not getting around to writing AU so far so I guess this is as close as I get to writing. It’s also good finger exercise, as usual. As per usual, my fingers are freezing. They might just epically fall off my hands (‘fwit’ sound optional) anytime. From the cold, not the typing. I really don’t want to get around to writing that 3-page essay for Science. Argh, I can write it anytime, it’s just that I’m too busy wasting my time here on my blog. Hear that, blog? You’re wasting my time! My youth! My golden youth, you hear me? I ought to sue you!
  But well, er, this was my decision. So…I guess not. Or else I’ll have to rant somewhere else. Ah…Aiyo…
  Gossip in school really travels quick. Even I (aka antisocial nerd/artist/AWESOME PERSON) know some gossip. I don’t care if it’s from the last millennium or whatever, it proves that I don’t really live in a hole underground. Yeah, I wouldn’t even have Net then, no more meaning of life. Would suck. No, I’m not going to say what it sucks. I shall leave you to suffer through gory disturbing mental ima—
  I do understand that the longer my blog gets, the less people read it. But I REALLY CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO START MY HOMEWORK. Argh. Mom still thinks I’m doing homework. Ahh…at least I’ll know all the tricks if I ever become a parent.
  Whew that was CLOSE.
  Anyway, our classroom in lunchtime is absolute CHAOS. Chaos, I say. So…normally it’s just ‘find peace and quiet’ somewhere…ahh. It’s like beer short of a pub.
  What with the homework, the house stuff and all that, I’m ready to crack. It’s the countdown. How many days before Amy finally loses her marbles? Pfft it’s just too tiring. And I don’t care that I’m wasting all my time on Art work. It’s art, I’m me. Correlation present.
  Suddenly I just want to stop. I’m incredibly pissed off at the moment. Grrraah. Rawr.
  Anyway. I guess I’ve just ‘epically reawakened’ my blog. Dun dun dun dunnn.

Shut up and go away,


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