On Strange Thoughts

19 Mar
Dear Blog,

  It just strikes me as mildly amusing how people’s lives actually differ. Almost intriguing, I suppose, to think that somewhere out there, there would be another person like me. Many people, in fact, that are similar. But still…to think that at this moment, millions of people are doing what they’re doing, enjoying whatever, wrapped in their little world of ‘right now’.
  Er…including me.
  It’s strange! Weird! Imagine being the someone/thing controlling all of this, like an exceptionally realistic, detailed game of The Sims. Just imagine that this universe was created by Anonymous User on some machine or device, and programmed the Milky Way, Earth and all, coming down to each individual person. Controlling the happenings and all that.
  Actually, it’s sort of plausible to think of it that way. Some being (Tralfamadorian (?) for those who read The Sirens of Titan?) that’s controlling Earth. Even maybe my thoughts about this entire possibility. I could suppose that I’m thwarting Anonymous User by thinking this, but if this was really all programmed and planned beforehand, this would be part of it.
  In other words, my absurd fantasies about this possibility could be part of the Absurd Possibility.
  Wait. Does that make sense? I worded it the best I could. It’s the kind of thing like ‘What am I? Would I have the same conscience if I was born another person? What would ‘I’ be if ‘I’ was someone else? Would ‘I’ still be ‘me’?’
  …A.K.A strange (and perhaps philosophical) thoughts about the cosmos.
  Er, yeah, I’m being weird today.
  I’ll go and draw. If I was meant to like drawing, might as well enjoy myself anyway. 😛



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