On Meeting People

25 Mar
Dear Blog,
  From today onwards, I will stick religiously to a procedure of ‘look left, look right, look in front, look backwards, turn 360’ before stepping outside. Seriously–living in Gubei comes with advantages, but also certain disadvantages. For example, people can actually understand what I say. That means that:
a) I can’t exactly swear= Teacher: OMG is that Amy? She’s swearing! Juvenile delinquent! Aah!
b) I can’t make any comments= Random passerby: *Glare*
c) I can’t talk about much= Some bored person: *Gossip* You know, I overheard a conversation, this girl was complaining about _____.
  Hmmm. Now I have to watch myself. Aiyo. Okay, meeting people you know is sorta cool, especially since I never quite lived near my schoolmates before much. But to some degree, it’s like…er, losing privacy? Okay, not really. Er, no offense to you whoevers that I might’ve met outside, it’s just that…you know. Er, you don’t know. But still. You get the point? Be compassionate! Or something!
  Today after school with Alison, upon entering DD:
Group of girls: (In a valleygirl accent) Ohmigaawwd, ____ and ____ sooo totally _______! Like, __. Like, like, ___. He’s like___, she’s like___, we’re all like___, it was soo__, sooo…like____. Ohmigosh! Ohmigaawwd!
  Uggh. Overuse of ‘like’ and ‘so’. Atrocious abuse!
…what I’m trying to say is, don’t ever do that.
  And upon exiting DD, who should we run into but John. Lam. With his skateboard and all. Which completely threw me off guard, because I only knew him from grade 6, and only spoke…twice? And there he was, going "Amy?" Imagine my…shock. Scare.
  For a split second, I thought he was some pervert.
  When we crossed the road, we ran straight into three 10th Graders.
  I’m trying not to freak out.
  …Okay, but it was sort of funny.

Gotta go.

PS: Now I notice that I sounded demented.


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