On ICT Lessons and Clams

26 Mar
Dear Blog,

  J’aime…something. "Appelle". Er…yeah.
  ICT class. My eyes hurt, aiyo. Terry is ‘helping’ Chris with MS Word ("Hey Chris, this is Microsoft Word. …Move here, no, here, yeah…and shoot–nice, yeah.") Okay. I never knew that our task involved shooting at people. Okay…I suppose technology has advanced.
  Fey Winds is an awesome comic. Sometimes the art is a bit weirdish, needs getting used to, but it definitely has its good bits. Ahh…comics. What a wonderful thing.
  Nobody’s doing the work, as far as I can see. Nothing new, I guess. Friday afternoons are sleepy times. I could do with a nap now. For the record, my eyes hurt. They always do, every Friday afternoon.
  In German, Frau Sinnett didn’t come. So I basically did some worksheet then Art project. Say I’m sad, but I didn’t have much else to do. It was more interesting than ‘Meine Schwester tra:gt einen Rock’. So…yeah.
  Hey Joanna’s got this clam-thingy that…spews…water.
  Hypothesis: If I put enough water in it, I can wash my hands with it.
  Hypothesis 2: If I put…acid in it, I can use it as a weapon.
  Hypothesis 3: If I put…lemon juice, I can probably keep myself awake in the day.
  Crap. You can’t add water or anything into it. It’s like a…one-time only thing.


PS: Now I’m at home, but whatever. Point is, you CAN add water. But it’s one add per spew. Aiyo. So much for washing my hands with it… – –


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