On Maths and Others

9 Apr
Dear Blog,
  I seem to have survived the apocalypse. I consider it rather lucky of me.
  Okay, fine, that was me failing at being dramatic. But anyway, I’m just fresh out of writing the Fryer Contest (some Waterloo Math competition that I have no hopes of winning). It took over the better part of lunchtime, so we had to rush down and hurry through a meagre lunch of, er, basically just junk food.
  We deserved it.
  I dunno, but hopefully I got what I wrote down right. Which, I hope, would be the larger part of the test. It would just suck to know that I either left the questions blank (4c, 4d) or got everything wrong. For Q4d I even keyed in all those numbers into my calculator and discovered that there WERE no palindromes of 3 digits that were divisible by 91. What a goddamn waste of time, aiyo. I left the question blank at the end because I thought that writing a 0 on the answer blank would look stupid.
  Now that I think of it, that decision was stupid. I shoulda risked looking like I was guessing and not left it blank.
  Aiyo, too late now.
  Oh yea, and today the library got a new load of books! The good ones aren’t really there (just the okay ones) and a crapload of vampire novels. I am sick and tired of those).
  In ICT now, I have nothing to do. Basically. Because I’ve done the worksheet already! That ought to be a valid excuse, right? RIGHT? …Yeah. Glad that you agree with me. S’anyways, I’m just aimlessly writing (typing?) in my blog now, as…a finger exercise. I’m managing to type without looking at my fingers now. That was something that I never thought I could do back when I was a little kid.
  Moral: Never believe strictly in what you used to back when you were little.
  I’m pretty sure the grammar works in that above sentence, right?
  Ahh, goddammit, I’m bored. I finished whatever webcomic that I was reading and another. God knows there ain’t any privacy here, no, not with all these strange organisms around me. One day, I will bring my laptop to school. Even if it means I’m killed.
  Haha, Caven just got up from his seat. Mr. Francis was speedy in his response and shouted him back again.
  I am filled shamelessly with glee.
  And now he’s just being disgusting. Yes, I’m writing whatever I’m seeing now. Aiyo. It takes a certain amount of boredom to reduce me to doing this! Really!
  Dammit, I’m going to try and find something more useful to do now.
I’ll need the luck,

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