On Hainan Trip

30 May
Dear Blog,

  To think that I’m going to Hainan after all. One week without parents? Without homework? Without piano? Without……damn……Internet…
  The latter is truly lamentable. It makes me despondent, seriously. 
  I’m not going to bring my iTouch either, for fear of anything happening to it. So how the hell am I supposed to go on the Net? I dunno, maybe see if the hotel has a computer+Internet and if we are allowed to use it. After all, it’s supposed to be a relatively goodish hotel, right? That means it SHOULD have a computer and Internet for…people…to use. I mean, yeah. Yeah.
  And to think we’re going to be off by tomorrow. It STILL feels as if it’s a long time away for some reason even though it’s so near. I ought to be packing right now but I guess I just felt like writing this blog. I haven’t blogged in a long, long time. We’re going to take a frigging taxi to Pudong Airport. Yes, the Pudong Airport complete with overpriced food and all that. I once spent 80 RMB on a sandwich (large as it was) and a far-too-sweet chocolate milkshake. It still pains me to think that I didn’t even finish half the sandwich because it was like 4 in the morning and I was feeling sick.
  I’ll try not to do that again. Buy overpriced food OR feel sick.
  But I guess this should be pretty exciting for me. A…look into the real world? It’s exciting when you have a non-exciting saddish life like me.
  Allegedly they don’t have showers where we’re going in Hainan. NO SHOWERS. We’re going to be able to tell where each other is just by the REEK. 
  And now, I’ll have to pack and stuff like that.
  Balls, they don’t even have showers there. What is a girl supposed to do?



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