Aw crud! There goes my computer again

8 Jul

…And that was exactly what I thought when I turned my laptop on this morning (go away, pervs) and discovered that the logon box was missing. Missing, as in: the background was there, the cursor was there, the buttons all worked but there was a blank space where the user logon interface should be. So I clicked the place where it would’ve been, restarted the computer, forcibly turned it off, used numerous Safe Modes and even tried calling people for help. Nothing worked. The only solution that was provided to me from the Internet required tech-y skills that I do not possess. So…we called the IT people. I resisted the urge to scream at my computer.

They went through almost exactly what I did previously. Switching my laptop on and off, checking for errors, clearing my C-Disk. Still nothing worked. I was aggravated. The conclusion that was thrust upon me was that I had to clear out my C-Disk entirely to salvage my computer.

Me: “Shit. Not again.”

Not that I had tons of important information stored on my C-Disk, but I really, really hate re-installing my computer. Any part of it. My laptop is full of customizations and weird software that nobody else ever uses, but I love. I have to spend about five hours after each re-installing and try to make everything look right. Five hours of tedious settings and customizations. Not really my idea of fun.

This is Objectdock + Rainmeter.

Ahaha, one of the awesome graphics in CubeDesktop. 

To list some of the weird software I use, there’s Rainmeter, Objectdock, Fences and Cubedesktop. And I also have to re-install Colorcop and a variety of other programs I hardly ever use but just like for them to be there. Most of those software are eye candy: useless, but nice to look at.  Hell, I even changed my cursors…D:  Just an hour ago I wasted 45min just trying to find the skin I previously used on Google Chrome, because I liked the theme and wanted it back exactly the way it was. Well, I failed. In the end, it was still nowhere to be found and I chose another one instead.

Now, on the bright side, I have more space on my C-Disk (it had less than 200MB of free space before). On the negative, I still have loads of settings to customize. Maybe it’s not so bad after all, redoing everything, since I now have the chance to put everything where they should be–in Disk E, which has 70GB more than Disk C (the ratio is 100:30). And if I hurry up, maybe it won’t take so long anyway…

I know it will. I’m bracing myself for the next 3 hours. Damn.

Why does my computer have the uncanny ability to malfunction just when I’m the busiest? Can’t it give me a warning? What did I do in my past life to deserve this? I wallow in my own laptop-induced misery.

And hey, just to give you an idea, I’ve had to re-install my entire computer about five times in recent years. The motherboard of my last computer burnt itself down three times in a year.


What kind of technical difficulties/annoyances with your computer have you had? o_O


3 Responses to “Aw crud! There goes my computer again”

  1. V. July 9, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    “…the standard computer warranty which said that if the machine 1) didn’t work, 2) didn’t do what the expensive advertisements said, 3) electrocuted the immediate neighborhood, 4) and in fact failed entirely to be inside the expensive box when you opened it, this was expressly, absolutely, implicitly and in no event the fault or responsibility of the manufacturer, that the purchaser should consider himself lucky to be allowed to give his money to the manufacturer, and that any attempt to treat what had just been paid for as the purchaser’s own property would result in the attentions of serious men with menacing briefcases and very thin watches.” -Good Omens, Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, 1990

    • AwesomeAim July 9, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

      I stand in awe of the authors’ intelligence and foresight. Perhaps not foresight, since the computer was invented already, but still.
      At least my computer //was// inside said expensive box.

  2. Violet July 10, 2011 at 1:56 am #

    Minus the fact that a microphone just couldn’t work on my computer and for some weirdo reason it just disconnects from the web, I’m quite satisfied with it.

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