Who goddamn said girls couldn’t skateboard?

9 Jul

Off-Topic Exclamation Of The Day:  Woah! I’m sitting in Starbucks, and just then I heard a ringtone that was exactly the same as mine. Which means, probably, that we have the same cellphone. Erm, cool?

Seeing as this post looks like it’s going to touch on (and quite heavily too) feminism, here’s this awesome picture that I found on someone else’s blog: 

(Picture from: http://www.teenage-feminist.blogspot.com/)

Although I rarely advertise this, I am a feminist. This doesn’t mean that I hate men, or pretend to be one, or–or think that the entirety of the world’s male population ought to die, but it does mean that I hate it when people try to tell me that I can’t do something because it’s “not something that girls do”. What I also hate is when chauvinistic pigs start telling me that they can do something better because–surprise, surprise–they’re male. They have “man-parts”.

I had to go through all this in a short yet tense conversation with my mom today. It’ the summer holidays, I want to do something new–I want to try skateboarding. When I first presented this idea to my mother, all I got was a pacifying smile and a “sure, do whatever you want”. She didn’t think I was serious. Back then, I didn’t either. But I caught the hint that she said that only because she didn’t really think that I’d do that. When I continued on to asking her for a skateboard, she tried not to make eye contact and said: “that’s for boys! Girls don’t do that.”

Perhaps I would’ve shut up a few years back, but I’d seen videos of girls skateboarding before and hell, they rocked. It not only proved that girls could skateboard, but that this is a sexism issue that I’m debating with my mom. Maybe fewer girls than boys interested themselves in skateboarding, but society certainly shouldn’t make it look like as if it was something that they ought not to do. Too many girls, in their ventures, have been discouraged from their passions in this way–with members of society jumping up and saying: Hey, that’s not right! You’re a girl! This is a man-only thing!

Excuse my language, but fuck those sexist expectations. We once knew a society where women couldn’t vote, couldn’t go to work and–and hell, couldn’t decide on anything. We progressed. And even though this world has come a long way from the witch-burning days, there are still shreds, fragments of the old sexism lingering in the world of today. (Wait, did I actually imply that there was a difference between “old sexism” and “new sexism”? I correct myself .)

Drawing this post to a rather abrupt end, I have to say that I was genuinely disappointed when I heard the familiar phrase “that’s for boys” by way of an answer. If I hadn’t seriously expected to be able to skate to/from work[experience], I do now. Maybe I won’t manage that this summer. Maybe not even in the next. But one day, I will. Just to show them and to prove that being a girl, I can.

The fight for true equality between the genders ensues.

I hope you don’t mind the ranting.


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