China’s Got Talent…?

10 Jul

Last night welcomed one of the final rounds of the China’s Got Talent competition. I’m not sure if I should call it a competition, because it’s more of a show…whatever. Despite the voices of the thousands–millions–of people who love the it, I honestly can’t say that I always enjoy what I see. Perhaps I’m going to be hypercritical in this post; bear with me please and point it out as you see fit.

As Wikipedia puts it:

Talent Show:  is an event where participants perform their talent or talents of actingsingingdancingacrobaticsdrummingmartial arts, playing an instrument, and other activities to showcase a unique form of talent

Well, first of all, a talent show should have talent more than anything else. Ever since the success of Liu Wei in the show (yes he’s good, I grant him that, and I don’t think he’s using his handicap as a pity-gaining tool), more and more people have come onto this show with more story than talent. I’ve seen about more than five people who have come to the stage, failed in their performance, then blurted their sad story in hope of salvaging it. “China’s Got Talent” isn’t–and shouldn’t be–somewhere people advertise their hardships. While this can be done in moderation, it’s unhealthy for anyone to think that it is where they should place their emphasis. The contestants’ backgrounds are important, but the performance should be judged fairly according to–you guessed it–talent. Thankfully, this happens less and less as the show progresses, and the judges take less mercy.

If only the judges were more professional in their comments and focused less on “with your background–” stuff. I’m tired of them letting a contestant go onto the next round simply because “you remind me of…”, “with your background…”, or “because you put so much effort…”. What I want to hear is their stand on their performance. Their talent. Their skill. Is “you remind me of my father” such a good reason for letting them pass? It doesn’t do the performer justice and hardly shows the credibility of the judge.

With the gargantuan number of people in China (which is still growing, too), I wouldn’t be surprised if people appeared with talents like “falling from high places without breaking bones”. I sound like a hypocritical bitch, but I’d really like it if the show could re-organize and rethink the criteria so that the contestants could have some sort of category they could fit into. Currently I feel that we’re not only trying to compare apples and oranges, but a whole variety of fruits, vegetables–and hell, cheeses. I don’t mean that they should take away the misfitting talents (no offense of course)–I’m all for having variety–but if they’re not going to judge by talent and talent alone, it’s going to make it difficult for everyone to find a fair response to the performances.

I know there are flaws in my argument. I admit that I’ve not watched many episodes of other “XXX’s Got Talent” shows before, and I’m not pretending otherwise. But what I’ve seen here on my TV screen lately hasn’t done a great job in impressing me, so I’m going to just stick with looking forward to further developments and improvements on “China’s Got Talent”.

But hey, a girl can at least try to put her (if only semi-formed) thoughts into words, so yeah.

Tell me what you think! Arguments against me are, too, welcome.


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