Day in The Life Of #1

13 Jul

                                                  Also known as:

Brain stuck in shut-down mode and won’t budge

Overcoming suspicious puddles, low-hanging tree branches and potential killer escalators, you arrive once again at the familiar workplace. The huge, white sign that advertises plastic surgery remains stubbornly stuck to the gate despite all your prayers, and you try to slip in without too many people looking. Your company’s sign is much more humble; a rectangular panel artfully camouflaged in the dark brown of the building walls. As the gate swings shut behind you, already making your way up the steps, you make a rude gesture at the small clinic whose gate adjoins to your building.

Two hours later, as you sit beneath the air-conditioner with a pounding headache, you wonder why you ever chose to come here. But your colleague offers you a peach, and suddenly life seems much brighter again. You savor the peach until it’s all gone, then return to your spreadsheets and documents, resisting the urge to scream. Just as you prepare to sit back for a while in subtle celebration of the work you’d just finished, your boss replies to your email with more work for you to do. This time, you do scream. Your colleagues hardly glance at you.

When lunch break arrives and your bosses depart for some expensive meal, the peace and relaxation is more than welcome. You resist the urge to nap. Instead, you march yourself to the Starbucks by the corner and grab yourself lunch. You fail to resist watching that cartoon you’ve recently discovered. Three episodes later, very full and slightly late, you hurry back to the Plastic Surgery sign, where your good mood dissipates immediately upon the sight of it.

And so the afternoon drags on, despite your best efforts. Your diligent facade continues. Mixed and skillfully hidden between your documents and Google translations are the comics, cartoons, facebook…and even your blog. Wait. Whoa. What? Your blog?

How did the blog get there?

Oh well. You might as well write something on it. You begin to type after a moment’s thought.

“…Overcoming suspicious puddles, low-hanging tree branches…………”


There. Another blog post. After all those half-coherent, argumentative/discursive (Wth, IGCSE English still in my head) posts, I deserve a break. And I don’t want to torture myself–or anyone else further–with my loophole-filled logic and messy essay (post?) structure. Otherwise my Pageviews might just well dwindle down to zero.

So. Maybe this blog will see more of these things and some fiction posts as well, seeing as they’re much more fun to write (hopefully they’re okay to read too…?). But wait. Must not get out of practice for IB. …Alright, so y’all will have to suffer the occasional nonsensical post once in a while.

Just…just consider it community service or something, ‘kay?


2 Responses to “Day in The Life Of #1”

  1. goodbyereality411 July 14, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    I enjoyed this post.

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