Yay: Back from the Land of Suck…-ish

20 Jul

So…exactly what the title says. I wrote a post here just minutes ago, but WordPress failed to load and therefore it was lost and has now gone to information-heaven. Still on the woozy side here, i.e. things are still spinning, but at least I’m neither frying nor throwing up. That I take as a good sign, but it also means that this resulting blog post is going to have little coherency and even less value.

Never mind the fact that I have to shake my head to clear it, or that I can’t seem to get my eyes to focus on any point of my vision at all. Ummm–*slap*

I don’t think anyone’s going to be genuinely interested in the gory details of  my past few days, but get this: no medicine or trips to the hospital, not even when the fever peaked at 40.4 one night. This, somehow, strikes me as something to be proud of. It’s probably all twisted and wrong as usual, but–hey, I’ve just barely recovered. Give me some breathing space.

Does it make sense to anyone else but me if I say that I’m trying to write about this impromptu fever-thing in an attempt to convince my brain that it really is over and done with?

Blog post fail. Brain too foggy. Must shake head violently to clear thoughts. Operation aborted–for now.


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