I don’t know.

22 Jul

Here I am, sitting in the office for the last day and eating a McDonald’s burger. For some reason, the song I’m listening to reminds me of…some people, I guess. Maybe I do give a shit, after all. Less than I used to, but more than I should.

I’m thinking about last year. Maybe my middle school years will forever be categorized as “Grade 9 and before” and “After Grade 9”. Things have changed over the past year. I’ve changed. So have other people. And I’m not sure if I really wanted to, but that’s life, I guess, and the people around you inevitably shape the bits of you that you don’t control if you’re not careful.

…This is another short, strange and completely nonsensical blog post made in a state of dazedness.

Sorry people, this is one of those bad days.

Instead, let me give you a lil’ playlist:

  • Just My Imagination – The Cranberries
  • Wish You Were Here – Avril Lavigne
  • Nothing Left To Lose – The Pretty Reckless
  • Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind

There you go.


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