So I offended some more people, like I always do.

11 Aug

WARNING: This is probably going to shatter your illusions of me being a nice, agreeable person. Proceed with caution. I want to make myself clear that I am NOT morally unsound, and that I HARDLY ever do this. But this time I did, and I’m quite positive that I had a reason.

It was about time I met an asshole on the Shanghai Metro. I’ve encountered thieves twice now–both were trying to make off with some book–and I’ve also seen my fair share of beggars and even lunatics. Fate decided that I was tough enough for an asshole encounter.

With few people in the train, my friend took a seat next to this lady (more like, more-than-middle-aged woman) who had lots of empty space on her other side. Naturally, I asked her to move a little so that I could sit with Friend. She didn’t appear to understand, so I repeated it again–and she took it as some insult and declined harshly, saying that I “had atrocious manners and the wrong attitude” (in Chinese of course). By this time the seats were almost filled, but the woman was taking more than needed so I simply sat down on her other side and talked to Friend (in English of course).

Damn, did that woman piss me off. For the record, I’d been asking nicely at first–it was she who had the response speed of an imbecile. And that was why I’d repeated my request in more haste. Other people were going to take that seat if I didn’t soon (for you people living in other countries where people are actually polite to each other, the Shanghai Metro is neither for the faint-hearted nor the terribly nice). Me? Wrong attitude? WHO had a wrong attitude? It was probably the “wrong attitude” thing that set me off, because I can’t stand people saying stuff like that. I decided then and there that she was looking for a fight, and a fight I would give her. As if I lacked experience.

Friend, who was nice and sensitive girl, took out her cell phone and texted me while I complained to her about that woman being a total bitch–declining me the satisfaction of having a loud conversation across the woman and thus annoying her even further. This other friend would probably have done so, because…we’re just obnoxious like that. Anyway, Friend is a morally sound person and nowhere as aggressive, so I don’t blame her. Luckily for me (and embarrassingly for the woman), she had to get off at the next stop, so I smirked at her with eye contact as I made a show of settling comfortably into the seat.

And it got even better. As she stood in front of the doors waiting for them to open, she…uh, admonished me, something along the lines of “you should respect other people, go and study hard (as if I don’t!), learn some respect and manners. Adjust your attitude! Your attitude is wrong–” etc, etc. She talked for about half a minute there while I locked eyes with her with my raised eyebrows and my mocking, indifferent expression. I know exactly what expression it was because I use it so often. When the train stopped, THE DOORS ON THE OTHER SIDE OPENED, and she had to hastily turn away from the wrong set of doors to make her exit. Humiliating much? Ha! So much for the “face” (you know, as in, not lose face?).

I really don’t normally pick fights with people, especially not in public and not with total strangers. But I really was asking nicely at first, and she didn’t move, so I had to explain to her quite clearly what I wanted or lose it entirely. I’m especially reluctant to post this here because 1) I was arguing with a lady who was quite clearly having trouble battling her menopause, and 2) most of you would figure that I was a disrespectful arrogant asshole myself…but I’m not (most of the time). If there was a problem with my attitude, it’d been sparked by her lack of reaction. 

…And my aggressiveness and stubbornness and the fact that I’m really quick to anger and also the fact that when I get angry, I get angry. Win-the-fight-or-die-trying anger, and I guess in this case I won. At the cost of the reputation of my morals, maybe, but still.

Look, just re-read the Warning, okay?


2 Responses to “So I offended some more people, like I always do.”

  1. Brittany August 12, 2011 at 4:24 am #

    People suck. You weren’t being bratty at all.

    • AwesomeAim August 12, 2011 at 11:34 am #

      Thanks! …and yeah, people suck. 😦

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