Would You Rather…

11 Aug

Um, hi people, I’m trying to consciously stop myself from beginning yet another post starting with the word “so”. SO…I’ve been doing some art-y stuff (yay), but it’s not finished yet and therefore I’ll save the pictures for later. Adele’s album, “21”, is blasting here in the living room and so it shall be the music you will blame when you realize that this post is just as incoherent as all the others.

Meanwhile, I’ll answer a series of “would-you-rather”s that I found here.

1. Would you rather have sex with a beautiful woman who just so happened to have gills (big ones, but where ever you want to put them, I don’t care), or with an equally beautiful woman who is a major creepy? -like worse than that kid in high school that would follow you around and smelled like piss. And ladies, feel free to take the converse of this, unless you’re a lesbian. Then I guess the original works just fine.

Although I’m not planning to do that anywhere in the near future, I’d take the gills. Gills mean that the dude can breathe underwater, which is cool unless he tries to drown me, but creepiness…is no. It’s neither useful nor cool. 

2. Have a child who will invent the cure to cancer but you’ll never be able to meet him/her, or raise a child that won’t do anything special but you’ll know him/her their whole life?

A child that will invent the cure to cancer. Man, that’s doing the world a favor. And it’s also an investment, lest I need it in the future. A normal kid would just, like, watch me die and cry on my blanket and shit like that. 

3. Let’s say you were immortal. Would you rather live to see the world end and end with it, or float alone around the universe for infinity?

Alone? Alone sucks, man. I’d rather end with the world. If I knew the exact date, I even have the perfect death planned out. I’d drink my brains out, party like hell, do all the drugs I can find, then jump out of a really tall building in my intoxicated, drugged state (preferably crash out of a large window superhero-style). And enjoy the flight.

4. If you had to be one of the following animals, would you be a gold-fish or a dragon fly? (Given both have about a two week life span)

Dragonfly. 1) I can fly, 2) I can go anywhere I want–not just some stupid tank where people forget to change the water. No sir, no murky water for me.

5. Someone tries to mug you in a dark alley. Like a boy scout, you’re prepared and stab him. The wound looks pretty serious- would you rather take him to the hospital for medical help or leave him in the alley to receive his just desserts?

Take? Nah, I’d probably call the police and stuff. And then leave.

6. Would you rather learn a new language or pick up a new skill?

Depends on what “skill” means. Superpower, yes. The ability to weave baskets, no.

7. Would you prefer a zombie apocalypse or a natural disaster to create the inevitable future dystopian society?

…Natural disaster. I am ashamed of my wimpiness, but rotting corpses sort of creep me out major.

8. Would you rather get your heart broken by the love of your life or break someone to whom you are the love of their life to spare yourself the pain?

I really don’t know. Haven’t met. 

9. Would you rather be a painter or a writer? (Like really fucking good at the one you pick- maybe the best ever)

Aw fuck, these are both what I want to be. Writer, probably, although…ARGH! This is just the wrong kind of question to ask me! …yeah. 

10. Would you rather show up early to a party or late to an interview (given that either would be equally bad in some way or another)?

Early to a party. I’m so awkward anyway, it probably wouldn’t matter.

11. Would you rather be a successful sell-out or a struggling purist?

Struggling purist. 

12. Would you rather live in a super-hip metropolitan area or in a small, rural village miles away from civilization?

Haha, super-hip metropolitan area, since I’m so reliant on cafes and the Internet. Holidays to rural villages would be awesome, though. 

13. Would you rather know when and where you would die but not how, or how you would die but not where or when?

I’d want to know where and when. Then, I can design my own death. But if this was to do with fate and all that…my designing my own death would be part of the fate, right? And therefore whatever I decide to do would be the “how” part to my death?

14. Would you rather fall down the aisle at a bowling alley or get pegged by a billiard ball in a bar? (They’re both super crowded)

Having been to the bowling alley only once, I have no idea. 

15. Would you rather be a princess trapped in a tower and waiting to be saved or a pirate who will be on the run for his whole life?

I’d choose pirate, because being saved is just so cliche, but knowing me–I’d die 10 times over within a month (sucky, sucky sports skills). So I prefer the tower, as long as I have books, the Internet and generally stuff to do.

16. Would you rather be roomies with (for guys) Enrique Iglesias or Robert Pattinson? (for girls) With Natalie Portman or Kristen Stewart?

Who’s Natalie Portman? …Kristen Stewart, then.

17. Would you rather drink a pint of your own piss or a pint of water from the Jersey Shore hot tub?

Uh…my own piss. Stop looking at me like that–

18. Would you rather be a 50s pin-up girl or an 80s glam rocker?

80s glam rocker, hell yeah. I am so not a pin-up girl. Also: 80s music is awesome! How could I resist?

19. Would you rather wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy or now feel so fly like a G6?

Damn, I neither know who P.Diddy is nor what a G6 is (some kind of airplane?). I have no idea how it feels like to be them. I’ll go with the G6 because I want to know what being an airplane feels like. Yeah.

20. Would you rather be a super awesome Earth Child or a wicked cool cyberpunk?

Seeing as I don’t know what an Earth Child is…cyberpunk sounds good to me.

I don’t know why I felt that this would be necessary for me to post on my blog, but I enjoy doing quizzes like this that make me think about myself. Sometimes even really simple questions can put light to some hidden aspect of your personality that even you yourself hadn’t previously noticed. I just love moments like those.

And if anyone feels like answering these questions too…give a shout! 


3 Responses to “Would You Rather…”

  1. tenbrokenbullets August 11, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    I love this! I’m at school right now (Don’t tell anybody!), but these questions make me smile. “Would you rather drink a pint of your own piss or a pint of water from the Jersey Shore hot tub?”…. I mean, c’mon! That’s a great question!
    I’ll be back, that is when class is over 😉 Haha!

    • AwesomeAim August 11, 2011 at 11:45 am #

      Haha, Masters of Secretly Internet-ting? I’ll be doing that too soon 😛 You should answer these too; it’s fun and whatnot and makes you think. 😀

  2. Selah Aran August 11, 2011 at 4:14 am #

    God, I love what people answer for these. It’s like they’re so weird that you have to explain why you picked it and so it really helps you get to know someone! That’s for the link, btw!

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