Chef Extraordinaire: finally cooks something after much procrastination

13 Aug

So I decided that seeing as I’m not going to stop using the word “so” anytime soon, I might as well forgive myself for beginning a post with “so”. Anyway, I managed to cook my first independent dish yesterday, and it actually turned out quite all right–“quite all right” meaning that despite it being the only dish for dinner, we finished all of it and declared it a success. Yay? I’d anticipated a greater challenge than this…but I’ve watched my mom do this like a hundred times already, so it’s only natural that I would be able to cook this. Shame on me if otherwise, eh?

Here’s the entire process, photographed by the Chef Extraordinaire herself (me, in case you were wondering. And I was kidding about the “extraordinaire”. And to save you the tedious scrollings-down, I used my picture software and arranged it into this awesome thing:

Storyboard! See how nice I am?

…And yes, you can actually see the exact date and time, too. Trust me when I say that it looked better in real life. This is a typical Chinese dish consisting of eggs and tomatoes (uh, in case you haven’t noticed), and managing to be simultaneously sweet and salty like most Chinese dishes do.

By this time, you must be wondering what the hell sparked me to accomplish this…uh, dish (yay, it rhymes). After all, every “first time” ought to come with an equally exciting back story! I must’ve been cooking for the poor…the hungry…the homeless… Maybe I decided to surprise my parents. Or maybe I was just trying to clear out the fridge.

…No. I cooked because Mom was out, Dad was too lazy, and we had to have dinner. While this is in no way satisfying by way of a story, it’s realistic (and therefore, the way I like it). At least they liked it, which was more than I’d expected.

Years later, when I’m cooking awesome dishes fit for kings, I’ll be able to think back upon this day (or rather, the other day) and smile as I remember my first cooking experience. Go me.


MISSION: Complete.


2 Responses to “Chef Extraordinaire: finally cooks something after much procrastination”

  1. thalassalynanne August 14, 2011 at 3:24 am #

    Hey it’s Dom, didn’t know u had a wordpress blog! Are we like the only people in our school? Haha. Congrats on the egg and tomato btw, now I’m kinda homesick…yum yum

    • AwesomeAim August 14, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

      How did you come across this anyway?

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