Whisked off to boring places: HATE.

14 Aug

As of now, I’m being constantly bombarded by questions of what I’m doing on the Internet (“What are you Googling?” “What are you reading?” “What sites are you on?”) It’s enough for me to feel as if I were in some kind of torture camp. No, not literally. I’m trying to have a self-pity session and therefore am also exaggerating things.

For those of you who have had the misfortune to come across this, I apologize for the lack of proper material. Today has come and gone in a haze of painting, coffee, SAT Math questions and even a bit of eye-shopping. The majority of my time online has been spent on reading others’ blogs and commenting, so I promise that I’ll post something tomorrow (or, you know, later).

I’m supposed to go to some neighboring city now. Compared to Shanghai, it’s almost empty and it holds nothing exciting for me—hence the hate. Nevertheless my parents (as parents always do) insist that I have to like it and also have to go, so there. I’m to pack and leave in less than 10 minutes now.

I’d love to rant about how parents should respect their kids more and take their opinions more seriously, but 10 minutes is really a very short time and I—

You get the point. Don’t hate me. I, uh, love you.



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