Damn, I love traveling by bus.

17 Aug

Just like I said earlier, I took the bus from Wuxi back to Shanghai (home! yay) today. Despite the train being n times faster, I insisted upon taking the bus. And getting there wasn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be, either, so much time was wasted: My parents drove me to the Train Station (which adjoins the Long-distance Bus Station), thinking that we’d just buy the ticket and I’d be off. But no, the ticket booth and everything had closed down, so we gave up hope, entered the train station (which has like, two parts) and walked all the way into the other half of it to try and get a train ticket. Why the other half? I didn’t have the Chinese ID card needed for me to buy a ticket, and we could only get a temporary one there. As it turns out, I couldn’t even get myself a temporary one because I had a foreign passport.

And what did the guy say to us? “Why don’t you take the bus instead, it’s right there.”

The bus service hadn’t shut down at all; it had been moved to the other side of the train station. To its credit, it was well-furnished, clean and quite easy to navigate in. Having said my goodbyes (it’s not as if they’d stay away for that long anyway), I bought myself a ticket with no problem. And then I sat down and waited (and got on the Internet, and posted that half-assed post).

And I also took pictures, at the cost of my reputation–I totally looked like a tourist. But I am a blogger, and there’s a difference, yo. So after much arranging and whatnot (in chronological order, too):

The exterior of the Bus Station, and then the interior. Neat.

A Chinese-style fast food restaurant, and the boarding place for the bus.

The view from the bus as it begins its journey...and there's me.

My phone, details of the bus from the Internet, and the bus ticket itself.

Okay, okay, I’m kidding. I don’t really look like that, all square-y.

Still, I think that buses are way awesome-r than trains. More, uh, creative? Trains feel…stifling. With buses, there are more possibilities, more time to enjoy the view…and more space (to a certain extent). Traveling by bus reminds me of road trips. It makes me feel free–or rather, it gives me the illusion of freedom. There were 10 people in total on the bus, and the ride was 2 hours. That meant 2 hours of listening to music and shivering with cold, but I sat at the very front and had the best possible view.


Anyway. Now that I’m home and on the Internet, I shall enjoy my Internet night in peace.

Or, you know, with loud blaring music…


One Response to “Damn, I love traveling by bus.”

  1. Violet August 19, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    ……and with your headphones on.
    (I don’t like traveling on a bus because when you finally get some sleep you would have to wake up immediately to get off the bus……)

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