20 Aug

Upon the insistence of my friends to read this comic, I gave Homestuck a try. Guess what?


It’s funny and it’s interesting and it’s crazy and it has like awesome/hilarious flash animations like the one below.

…Erm, that’s John abjuring cookies.

Homestuck is about four teenagers who play a computer game, but end up realizing that the game threatens mankind and consequently go about saving the world (themselves). I can’t stress enough how awesome it is, or how funny the commands are, or how wacky the animations look. Some of them look as if they were made by a person who was on lots of crack, but it’s just cool like that. Hell, even the MUSIC in the comic is good.

If there’s anything that the word “geekdom” brings to mind, it’s probably Homestuck. That, my friends, is a compliment.

I make weird correlations; leave me alone.

Now I’ll go and read More! Homestuck, because I abjure the hell out of the idea of not doing that. Thus I shall cut my post short and think of something better to post about later.

…Go and see for yourself. Awesomeness guaranteed. At least finish Act 1.

You will so not regret it.

EDIT: Apparently, I got the plot wrong. Be assured, however, that it will still make sense…that is, until it stops. It still makes sense to me so I suppose I haven’t gotten far enough in the comic yet.


One Response to “Homestuck!”

  1. ArtTropes August 20, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    Oh yesss, I was waiting for this moment. Ahh Amy, your description of the plot… well, let’s put it this way, when you read on later, you may find that the plot has changed.

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