September; School; …sigh.

8 Sep

Okay, am conforming to the trend. After all, it’s September–no better time to rant and bitch about the beginning of school.

Actually, I don’t really think school’s that bad. But I’m a teenager, and teenagers gotta do what they gotta do–complain, that is. I want to start off by complaining that our school year started two days early; 30th August, but I guess I also have to admit that there are other schools who started even earlier–by a week.

But that aside, I don’t really mind going to school that much. The social clusterfucks and the shortass lunch breaks piss me off sometimes (I hardly eat lunch now as a result, plus the lunch sort of sucks), but I find most of my classes genuinely interesting. Wow. What? Classes, interesting? You must be from outer space! …Yes, I find the math interesting, and the English, and the Theory Of Knowledge, and especially Business Studies–something that I had never studied before. Unlike last year, we only have 6 subjects , and I have yet to find any of them exceptionally tedious.

Did I mention that I’m doing the IB? That’s the reason for the 6 subjects. Most people choose to take 3 Standard Level courses and 3 Higher Level ones, but you’re allowed to take 4 HLs.

Oh yeah, and uniforms. I have to admit that my school actually has okay uniforms compared to what I’ve seen. It isn’t the best, but I guess it’ll suffice. It’s a white buttoned shirt, a tie/bow tie that matches with the skirt, dark red checkeredish skirt/dark blue pants, and whatever shoes you can get away with wearing.

To my teachers’ credit and my own surprise, there hasn’t been much homework lately. I’ve been able to stay ahead of the homework, which means that I even have some free time on my hands. Somehow, I can never concentrate well at home–so I usually head for the coffee/donut place right beside my house after school to get the work done. When I’m not procrastinating, wasting time or doing homework, I’m either reading, going on the Internet, writing or drawing. Yes, I finally picked up drawing again. Three months is too long a break from a hobby. Although they sort of suck, I’m crediting it to my atrocious lack of practice, and that excuse can stand for a little while longer I suppose.

Nothing interesting has happened lately (contrary to those of you living your lives in college). Everything’s pretty cool, we have the same people for most of the classes here (mix-n-match within the year group), and all the new teachers are pretty chill. Soon I’ll have to start with my magazine again and also join the yearbook team–not to mention begin the CAS hours community service stuff, so maybe I’ll find something to write about then.

I’m sorry that this post is such a bore. I wanted to write something interesting and witty about the start of school, but I don’t feel as strongly about it as I feel I should and I just can’t think of anything interesting. Nothing’s interesting when you’re in a routine and used to it. I just learned about “stream-of-consciousness” writing lately and maybe this counts as it.

Maybe feeling so laid-backish isn’t such a great thing after all.



6 Responses to “September; School; …sigh.”

  1. Alaska September 8, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    “I’ve been able to stay ahead of the homestuck”- wait what? Then I re-read it. Turns out that when you’re prone to mistakingly type homework to homestuck, I read it that way.

    Okay I guess this comment is also gonna be a clusterfuck of thoughts. Is there a word limit? I hope not.

    What is there to contribute to yearbook? I joined once but ended up spending more time in the production later on, and all I did was come up with some design ideas. What roles are there? e.g. Editor. Photographers. Writers. Typer? Artist? What else? I want to know what I would be contributing.

    I’m finally getting the right amount of homework (which, for me, should take between half an hour to an hour ::::P), not the 2-3 hours of homework I had to do. Seriously, there was that much. And school’s starting to roll smoother.

    • AwesomeAim September 8, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

      Maybe it’s something to do with the “first-and-last-letter” thing and the human brain. I’m joining the yearbook because…the teacher asked me to, and I’ve been dealing with publications for two years already so why not. This reminds me that I actually have some Business homework, and that my “free time” may be due solely to the fact that my “bedtime” is now usually around 2 a.m.

      • Alaska September 8, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

        I would suffer from sleeping so late everyday. Like yesterday night, I finally couldn’t hold out the exhaustion from the days of sleep-deprivation from school and extra homework, and fell asleep at 7:30 pm.

    • AwesomeAim September 8, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

      For the past…hell, I don’t know, the earliest I’ve slept was at 0:30 a.m. And that was just the once; all the other days were after 1 a.m. earliest. I do fine. If I don’t, coffee does it. But I usually do.

  2. Kay September 9, 2011 at 2:57 am #

    School sounds like it’s improving as you go! And I’m not sure why few other people seem to share this feeling, but classes have always been my favorite part of school too. I treat the course selection book like a holy text. :’)

    • AwesomeAim September 11, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

      Yes! I wish my school offered more courses so that I can take them… Jeez, yeah, learning stuff is interesting. So what’s to complain about? >:/

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