Team Spirit: None. School Trips: Suck.

2 Oct

Yes, I have been neglectful. I have not been posting very often. However, you must take into account the fact that I am in school all day, have schoolwork to see to, and then lots of extra stuff that I must participate in in my spare time. On top of all that is the Internet, which admittedly takes up all the rest (and even my sleeping hours). But I digress, again, as I always do. (I should stop, really.)

And by the way: this is a rant.

Last Wednesday, my school organized a House Trip. Being a British(-ish) school, we have a House system that consists of four Houses, with the students put into them at random. The school would each year organize activities in desperate attempts at inducing some House spirit in the students. Let me make it clear that this is a high school with kids from grade 7-12. Let me make it clear that the age of the kids range from about 10-19 (even 21 in one case). Let me make it clear that House Trips are nowhere near “fun and exciting”.

On this particular one, the school organized for us students to go to some Rugby Club (again) to do activities, which were MANDATORY. You couldn’t decide not to join in. You couldn’t tell them that you hated ball games, hated water fights, hated pointless running around, and generally hated sports in general. Oh no. You had to do sack races, run around with cups of water, crawl around and do team stuff, and you were supposed to enjoy it.

When I heard this recount from people who did go, I could not describe how glad I was that I had saved myself from such a dreadful fate. For you people who don’t know me personally, I: cannot play ball games to save my life, came this close to catching a pass in basketball once but then panicked and dodged it (as usual), am an asset to the opposite team, try to hold negotiations in the middle of the game and debate over how much money they should give me for helping their team instead, and confuse both teams by being ambiguous about which side I belong to. And my team spirit? WHAT TEAM SPIRIT? I may have team spirit when it’s academically associated (and especially when I’m in charge), but I can’t be bothered to make any effort in team sports. Really, sabotaging the whole thing and snarking at everything/everyone is so much better. That is what I would have done. All day. Making no effort and snarking at people.

And I am so fucking proud of it.

See, my reason for not going (for the sake of others’ enjoyment) should be perfectly understandable. It is justified. In this self sacrifice of missing out a day of sarcasm and bitchiness, I am allowing others to enjoy themselves undisturbed.

The fact stands that about five people in total went to the trip from the IB grades 11 and 12. In total, about 25% of the school was absent. In my eyes, when I stepped into that small hall to get our early-morning lecture the next day, the people who had failed to show up were those with proper lives of their own. With better things to do and a good enough taste to decide what kind of activities are downright streetcred-clearing. UNDIGNIFIED. (Seriously. Just look. The older kids are all missing. This should tell you something.) (And when I saw the pictures of kids my age enjoying themselves, I don’t know, I just, uh, felt really sick. From all that…lack of dignity. Or something. I’m just like that) And when the Head of Pastoral went on about how much they enjoyed themselves, I couldn’t help but think about how many complaints I heard. And when she said “I bet you were bored”, I almost laughed. I had an awesome day. I played the piano and I learned to cross stitch and I discovered a new awesome café and I did lots of interesting things. But I really felt like losing it when she somehow connected this to academics and said that it meant that we were lazy people who would get bad grades.

I got the highest IGCSE grade in my entire fucking grade, excuse me. Academics have no correlation to these things at all. In fact, there is almost an inverse (negative?) correlation. And I like normal school days fine. If it had been a normal school day, I would have attended. So, well, at least I learned to distinguish badly-thought out lectures from good ones that morning.

Enough of the bitching. I could go on forever.

School trips and school activities should be more academics-centered. Or if not, they should at least be new and interesting. Students should not be forced to take part in activities that the school deems “fun and exciting” just because the majority of people enjoy pointless games. Why can’t they organize something like a day of still-life drawing outdoors? Or going to an art gallery? Going to a concert? Doing photography? Music? Touring? Free time at some tourist area (okay even that sucks)? Visiting a library?

And since these current existing school trips don’t actually enhance students’ academics much at all, they should be compulsory. If not that, then they should at least separate the lower and upper grades and allow for students to choose which activities they partake in, or rather if they partake in activities at all.

I’m remembering the time when we had to sit through Toy Story 3 or what shit just because some lower grade dipshit’s parents complained that Robin Hood was PG-13 or something.



7 Responses to “Team Spirit: None. School Trips: Suck.”

  1. V. October 2, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    So the feeling I get from this is…… that you thought you would not enjoy a school activity because you don’t think it’s suitable for you, and therefore those who did go are stupid and childish if they enjoyed it? This hardly seems an attitude befitting a person who is such an academic credit to her school. I don’t think you should be forced to do something you don’t like, but there is no reason to disparage those people who did do it. What if they enjoyed it? Does this make them, as you put it, ‘undignified’? That seems to me remarkably arrogant. And you are so proud of the fact that you skipped school (non-academic activities notwithstanding)?
    I agree that a school should provide a wider range of activites than simply the physical, and provide more choice in participation, as you propose. But I feel that just as you are entitled to enjoy whatever activity you like, others are not any more foolish or tasteless just because they are comfortable with events unrelated to academia or, *gasp* because they’re, dunno, more united and cohesive than you feel you are to your house? This doesn’t seem to me to be the hallmark of someone who claims to be ‘awesome’.
    And goodness, how can you rant about how others are of bad taste when you would prefer any version of Robin Hood over the masterpiece that is Toy Story 3?

    • AwesomeAim October 3, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

      Okay. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I don’t feel that others have bad taste in enjoying the activities, but I cannot in any way relate to the feeling. They can enjoy what they do. I meant to say that imagining myself enjoying the activities as some them seemed to do is squicky, and I would most likely feel undignified in retrospect had I myself enjoyed them. But, my academic prowess shouldn’t have anything to do with my attitude because academic prowess tells nothing about a person except for academic prowess itself. My attitude could be anything I liked it to be and nobody should criticize me for it because of, what, my grades. And in fact, I have a very bad one.
      Regarding Toy Story 3—I didn’t like it because of the art style. I watch movies mostly just for the art, the effects, the music, the like. Not always, but mostly. And especially if it’s animation. I didn’t watch Shrek and lots more and I still cannot bring myself to watch The Simpsons or Family Guy because I vehemently dislike the art. Most people disagree with me and I agree that content is important, but sometimes the “suffering”, or at least to me it is, isn’t worth it.

      • V. October 5, 2011 at 10:13 am #

        Well, can you at least see how your wording led me to misunderstand how your distaste for physical activities seemed to lead to degrading your schoolmates? Seemingly neutral statements in your head may, when read by others, seem negative and harmful.
        And I agree, academics mean nothing about the nature of the person – it’s just that you seemed to invoke it to reinforce your ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude in your blog post, as well as disparaging any concept of ‘team spirit’ that isn’t academically related.
        And as for Toy Story 3…… to each their own, I guess.

  2. tamofawesome October 3, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Still. Life. Drawing. SUCKS.

    • AwesomeAim October 4, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

      No Tam no, drawing landscapes–particularly natural ones–is awesome.

      • V. October 5, 2011 at 10:15 am #

        I am sure tamofawesome extolls the virtues of photography. Not that I dislike still-life drawing at all.

  3. ArtTropes October 7, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    It wasn’t that bad honestly, though if Ms. Dumble’s speech was as bad as you made it to be, I’d be sort of put off, too. And I also agree with the fact that these activities should be optional.

    (P.S. Even though I love art, a trip to an art gallery would suck.)

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