Blart Post #2

4 Oct

Are you ready for the shitty-ass drawings, people?–because you sure have it coming. 

So, yeah. They are pretty much in descending order of shittiness, or at least they should be because it looks that way to me. As you’ve probably figured out by now, I try to get around art block by drawing shitty graffiti. Some of which are self-explanatory. Most of these are Homestuck references, so if you get them, awesome, but if you don’t then just roll with it (and read the gogdamn comic). Constructive criticism is welcome. Destructive criticism is not.

^Aforementioned self-explanatory shitty graffiti

^Homestuck reference. Also art block, hence the “take a break”.

^The Troll Romance Quadrants that I did for fun because I felt like drawing the symbols, and also funny sprites (or whatever the hell they’re called).

^So there’s this girl who’s always in the Library during lunchtime, like me, and we just sit there eating our self-brought lunches and saying nothing. But the room’s quite small (cut off from main library), so it’s sort of awkward-ish, and I somehow ended up drawing her even though I had no idea until I finished it. Eh.

^Teachers, do not leave your students in the care of substitute teachers who don’t give any fucks. This is what happens. “Jenna” is a classmate of mine. The “STRONG” is HS reference. This was done because of a particularly powerful poke in the ribs she issued to an unfortunate recipient.

^HS: Jade Harley (ish). Also, Young Girl Talking About Herself–Parry Gripp. The song is so short, but it is catchy nonetheless. And I love it.

^What I do, apart from muse, at 2 in the morning. Just…yeah^The one that I like the most. Firstly because this is probably my second successful attempt at drawing sitting-down people, EVER, and secondly because it’s also one of my first successful attempts at drawing people who face the right. And I have never, ever before drawn two people facing each other before.  Not to mention that I hardly draw guys…so yeah. Am happy with this.

Am still working on poses and perspectives and stuff like that. Am also getting tired due to the fact that it’s near midnight (which I shouldn’t be, seeing as this is usually considered ‘early’ by Aim Time).

Once again, constructive criticism welcome. And I know that I have lots of room for improvements.


5 Responses to “Blart Post #2”

  1. ArtTropes October 7, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    Comments for each of the pictures, respectively…

    1) The word in the middle is placed… awkwardly. Is it facing downwards? If it is facing the same direction as the other two words they would have the same vanishing point. Just saying. And I don’t think my saying would offend you at all, right? I mean come on, it’s word art!

    2) Oh yeah I love this one.

    3) Seriously Bu your quadrant-fill drawings are a lot better than mine 😦

    4) Girl? Which girl?

    5) Jenna, and Equius? Don’t see the link at all. Also, today I saw this ad for a car at the airport and it was “EQUUS”.

    6) No comments for now

    7) Sketches hmm

    8) Who are the two hatey-dovey people? And yeah the boy’s pose looks a little forced but I’m not saying it’s bad because you could totally count it as because in this pose he’s supposed to look like he’s doing the kicking deliberately. Another point for improvement would be his leg actually on the girl’s and some effects so we know he’s kicking. Otherwise people could definitely see it as him trying to woo the girl through physical contact.

    • AwesomeAim October 9, 2011 at 10:47 am #

      1) I drew the words individually…probably not the best way to do it was it. Shoulda kept them on the same plane. But bluh, this was an artblock-fighting thing, so yeah
      5) Actually just the pose I guess, that suggests STRONGness. Because she poked KevinS so hard
      8 ) Wow I never actually thought of it as kicking but it totally works, yay. Awkward as in the leg doesn’t look as if it’s touching the ground? Also how is it wooing >:?

      • ArtTropes October 10, 2011 at 6:11 pm #

        8 ) Uhh, I meant more like trying to get into physical contact with the girl without other people seeing it? Like, it reminded me strongly of the scene where Harry Potter was trying to reach Cho Chang’s hand, you know, before he was untactful and Cho Chang went crazy about dead Cedric Diggory.

  2. thes1m October 9, 2011 at 7:43 am #

    I like the third ‘Blart’ picture, so simplistic, yet perfected you are extremely talented :0) Loving your Blarts

    • thes1m October 9, 2011 at 7:49 am #

      Sorry would help if I learnt to count 4th blart the girl in the library :0)

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