Three In The Morning

11 Oct

I’m beginning to consider changing my lucky number to 3. This is the third consecutive weekday that I have gone (will go) to sleep at 3 a.m., but really it isn’t anything to be proud of. It just makes me really tired and jumpy during the day, I guess.

Today I basically ran on caffeine. The combination of being hyper and wanting to sleep isn’t a pleasant one. Luckily, some of the more rigorous (“hardcore”) classes managed to wake me up.

And tonight I hardly did any homework, got myself another ton of Homestuck music, watched tens of videos on youtube, messed around with my now-malfunctioning Java application, wasted a lot of time, and completely forgot about my promise to myself that I would sleep early. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like waking up tomorrow.

6.30. That gives me 3 and a half hours. BOOYAH.

But it’s happening now. I’m off to sleep.

Goodnight people. Or rather…good morning. >:/


One Response to “Three In The Morning”

  1. Tamuel Vimes October 11, 2011 at 8:31 am #

    WH4T T1M3 1S 3 4M 1N 4M3R1C4???

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