Nightmares and Squick

18 Oct

I was going to write “Nightmares and Daydreams” as reference to an Avatar TLAB reference, but nah.

Yesterday, when I got home, I was feeling really tired and depressed for some reason, so I decided to watch TV, something that I almost never do. I also thought my parents would be away for some time. So when they came back and I finished watching an hour of TV I just decided to “fuck this shit, I’m going to sleep”.

Which is actually a nice change from “fuck this shit, I’m not sleeping tonight”, but. Still.

And I kept dreaming that corpses were appearing to me left and right. In my dream I had recruited a couple of my friends who managed to come with me, and we were walking down this really dark shady road. It was lit by a single lamppost, and the light was white. We passed by overflowing garbage bins and parked cars and the whole place had the “haunted” feel. That was when I started noticing feet sticking out from various places. Maybe a head or two, even, mostly from out under cars. And then I was in Carrefour and I was buying something and I think a corpse was stashed under the counter.

Either that, or the cashier was a zombie.

I think the weirdest part of the nightmare was that I wasn’t scared at all, not in the least bit. It was just, “oh look, another corpse. I wonder what it’s doing there”. Maybe I realized that it was just a dream, like I often do nowadays. Yeah, that’s probably why I’m so desensitized to dreams now.

Still, something tells me that it’s creepy not to be freaked out by this.

This also reminds me of all the other times I dreamed of otherwise scary stuff, e.g. when people were trying to kill me, when I was jumping off buildings.

Aw jeez why can’t I dream of something nice for once, like flying again? (Instead of being the only one who was unable to?) (……Or corpses?)

Yeah. So. Any weird dreams/nice dreams/anything dreams, feel free to share?


4 Responses to “Nightmares and Squick”

  1. xjustanotherteenblogger October 19, 2011 at 5:41 am #

    I duno about you but I’m always freaked out about my dreams, even if I’ve had them several times over. For some reason I can never tell what’s going to happen or I expect something different to happen and when it doesn’t then I get freaked out in my dream.

    But I’ve actually been having a recurring dream that I’ve been hired by the Mafia to traffic some drugs except I don’t just smuggle them in the boot of my car. I cut the upholstery of the car, take out the padding and then line it with the bags of drugs then sew the seats so they look completely natural. A lot of weird shit happens. Basically, I deliver some drugs to random people then the Mafia decide that I’m not worth keeping around anymore so they hire a different person to kill me, which just happens to be my boyfriend. Ironic, right? Well he doesn’t kill me, for the rest of my dream I’m just chillin’ in this little well/drain thing then I wake up just as someone steps into it and I’ve never found out what happens after that! I want to know so bad what happens!

    • AwesomeAim October 22, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

      Wow! That sounds interesting. I haven’t had many recurring dreams, I don’t think so, but sometimes I dream that I’ve had that dream before, and everything just looks/feels really familiar. And I can’t tell if it’s part of my dream or if I really HAD dreamt it before.
      And for the past year or so, none of my dreams really freaked me out (yay), I feel really in control all the time. Oh well!
      I hope you find out what happens in your dream (and that it’s nice)! 😀

  2. ArtTropes October 20, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    I’ve never had a lucid dream once and that sucks. I HAVE dreamt about flying, and it wasn’t the type with wings, it was LEVITATION. Heh.

    But that was three years ago. Now all my dreams are jumbled up and are universes where something called logic doesn’t exist.

    • AwesomeAim October 22, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

      Yes, me too. Never with wings. It’s either levitation or gliding, stuff like that, and mostly it’s pretty similar to being in the water.

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