Lovecraft & Biking

21 Oct

(Not together, of course. That would be stupid.)

Anyway, I realized that the reason for my strange dreams was probably due to my reading Lovecraft stories. Did I say this before (I’m too lazy to go back and read my posts)? I’m reading the full Lovecraft collection of short stories and THEY ARE AMAZING. I love the description and the wording and the concepts and the…everything. Some are obviously better than others, but the best ones stay inside a corner of my head for the remainder of the day, lurking somewhere inconspicuous enough not to be noticed but having enough presence for me to go back to it whenever my mind is free. As a result, I can never read more than four or five in one sitting. (Right, did that even make sense? I hope so.)

That should explain my dreams of underwater horrorterrors, bottomless sucking holes in the ocean, swimming in dangerous waters, weird clawlike purple stuff, gloop, and heavily implied torture. Right? I can pretty much connect most of these things to the stories. At least the dreams are (more or less) lucid, and even if I’m not completely self-aware at least I’m never scared. It’s like…fridge horror (see tvtropes), I guess. In the dream everything feels fine and normal, but I always find out something really scary in retrospect either towards the end of my dream, or after I wake up. Is that a good thing? Not being scared in nightmarish dreams? One friend said that it might reflect some dark part of my subconscious. It’s plausible, although I doubt that it’s true. …Anyway, I’m just glad that I’m cool enough not to freak out even in my dreams. Not one bit. Oh hell yes.

…Yeah. Uh.

Okay, now the bike part. My friend and I are planning a trip from Shanghai to Suzhou by bike on a weekend sometime during mid-November! We have around 10 people, give or take, who say that they would come with us (including two adults). None of us have gone on a inter-city bike trip before, so this should be fun. The plan is to leave early Saturday morning, arrive in the late afternoon, go around Suzhou, spend a night there and start back on Sunday morning. 

We still need to book the actual hotel, decide on a final route, get prepared for emergencies and stuff like that, but otherwise we have everything planned out. 


In unrelated news, I watched Scent Of A Woman, which was awesome. I couldn’t help but imagine myself being blind (like Frank) though. Also, when it was revealed that Frank wanted to shoot himself after having the “time of his life”, I was reminded of the way I want myself to die. Which is scarily similar. And I remembered that I pretty much promised myself that I would commit suicide if I went blind. 

No, I’m not suicidal. I am not blind (yet?) and perhaps I would be 0kay with it if I did. I don’t know yet and it was just a thought. So cool your jets, everyone.


One Response to “Lovecraft & Biking”

  1. tenbrokenbullets October 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    That bike trip sounds awesome! If you go ahead and implement your plans, I’d love to hear about it on here! =)

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