Makeup–uh, no thanks

29 Mar

…is something that I don’t do.

I just watched some makeup tutorial videos. Boy was I tempted. It’s just: apply artistic talent to face and create new, improved look painlessly and artificially! 

But I’m not going to jump on that bandwagon. I know what it’s going to lead to. It’s like everything else–perfume, hair dye, nail polish–once you have it, you want it to stay forever. And that’s how the cosmetics industry makes money! I already know that I feel sort of incomplete if I don’t spray myself in the morning… I am so not ready to pour my time and money into makeup! It’s a drug for confidence. If you have confidence, you can feel good with makeup or without, but if you don’t, then you’ll just feel inadequate when you remove the facepaint. That’s how it goes isn’t it? Artificial highs lead to relative lows. 

This is going off-topic, but I know someone who went for plastic surgery. Nothing serious–first the eyes, then the nose. But then the news spread, and now lots of people are becoming unsatisfied with their appearances even with makeup–they’re beginning to whine about how much they want a nose job or whatever else, too. What is it with our society/generation and artificial beauty? If it can be called beauty at all. How could anyone live with the knowledge that their face is not really their face but how other people made it to look? What happened to personality and inner beauty? Away with all that! All that matters is looking attractive in photos. It doesn’t matter that you’re the most boring person to be with in real life. I don’t think I understand the term ‘beauty’ anymore.

So yeah. Coming to an abrupt conclusion, I think I’m just going to stick with how I look like naturally (not that I think I would have the patience to actually learn how to apply makeup, let alone do it every day) for now–especially since I’m pretty fine with it! No sense in trying to set myself up for trauma (financial, emotional, all those). And as you can probably see, my writing skills have very seriously disintegrated over the past few months. I’ve been writing nothing but analytic essays recently. All that I can come up with are thesis statements. 

My arguments in my blogs are officially all over the place. I really have to work on organizing my thoughts and planning out my entries. :/ 

At least I can still (sort of) articulate my feeeeeeeelings? Or not. I don’t know. I blog too much as if I’m talking to myself. 

Actually, I talk like that too. Sometimes. Stream-of-consciousness, sort of.

I need to stop complaining in my blog and start thinking straight. 

OKAY ANYHOO! Comments, thoughts, agreements, disagreements, criticism, whatever. What are your views? 🙂


One Response to “Makeup–uh, no thanks”

  1. ArtTropes March 31, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    Makeup? Nope, not me either.

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