A is for ‘Awesome’.

26 Apr

First blog post dedicated to the challenge! Yay! I feel a bit out of practice with writing these posts–I keep correcting myself and digressing. So hopefully I’ll be able to put my point across, not ramble and yet still manage to explain everything clearly this time.

Why ‘awesome’? I’m not particularly awe-inspiring, or fearsome, or maybe even that remarkable at all. I like the word and I like to use it in conjunction with myself because it gives me a sort of self-confidence that I can attach and remove easily…like a macho mask. I don’t have to face facts or what I really think about myself when I shamelessly declare myself ‘awesome’; it’s something of a joke and people just roll with it (usually not without feigning horror and distress, though). In many ways, it’s just an obnoxious show of confidence I use to mask my lack thereof…  :/ 

‘Awesome’ means so much and yet so little. Explosions and awesome movie effects are awesome. Batman is awesome. Being able to skip class is awesome. ‘Awesome’ is what you say when you don’t want to really reply to your friend and you’ve already said ‘cool’ too many times. And that’s probably why I feel so comfortable using this particular term. Anything else would feel too precise. I wouldn’t be able to use the word ‘cool’ in the same way because if I did, it would suggest that I act and dress in a particular way (not to mention that it would be pretty ironic because what kind of cool person declares themself cool anyway?).

This totally awesome paragraph concludes this auto-psychoanalysis regarding why I use the word ‘awesome’ (and of your daily dose of awesomeness), presented to you by the awesome owner of this supremely awesome blog who just so happens to be really, really awesome.

(I don’t know why I assumed that the general Internet-surfing, blog-reading public would be interested in this.)


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