Under the Guise

2 May

I’m going to take the SAT in three days, I haven’t revised properly, and nor have I started on any IB homework. This is procrastination under the guise of shitdoodle.

Frankly I’m quite happy these happened because I’ve been trying to draw something, ANYTHING, for days now and none of those turned out right because they were forced.

This one–I have no idea how it came into my head, but it did, and I sat down and Made It Happen. I had to look at it for quite a long time before I came up with an interpretation myself. Maybe the most interesting of works a person can produce are those that puzzle even themselves? To me they are. I feel as if my subconscious is trying to tell myself something. Something that I have to search for.

Because really, implicitness  is so much more beautiful than explicitness. 


Which might be why I don’t like this second one as much. I knew what I was doing. It wasn’t something that was born of sudden inspiration. I already knew what it would mean before I drew it.

And that sort of ruined it for me.


Any interpretations of these? Especially for the first, because I really don’t know what it means myself. 

Interpretations are welcome! 🙂


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