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B is for Biology.

7 Jun

Biology Revision

In this pdf document is most of the material I learned this academic year in IB HL Biology, arranged into a revision sheet. Why did I do this? I had my Biology final exam today (IB first year) so I had to do some revising. 

The only topics I didn’t cover were ecology, some of genetics and evolution. 

And all in all the revision was pretty effective.

…I think. 😛


C is for Children’s Day.

3 Jun

Yes. Legally, I am still a minor. I am fully entitled to celebrating Children’s Day! You know the usual–I feel old, blah blah, hate life, blah blah, don’t care about occasions, blah blah blah. 

But fuck that. Yesterday I found my GameBoy Advance–a sudden fancy that got me searching through drawers and cabinets all five minutes long. With it I also found the charger and my old games. My afternoon was spend counting barley rice for IB HL Biology (there 1810 in the end), eating Oreos, drinking Yeo’s Soya Milk (the kind I used to drink back in Singapore) and playing Pokemon Emerald. It was…nostalgic. I used to play that all the time four/five years ago, when I was younger and sillier and a whole lot happier.  

Maybe not by that much, because uh, you know, rose-tinted glasses and all, but probably happier nonetheless. Ignorance does that. Ignorance and stupidity. They shield you from the harsher realities of life. That’s what I think, at least.

Lamenting my current position and whining about whatever was not the purpose of this post.

Back to the topic. Anyway, I had a good old time and gamed until I fell asleep on my bed, to be woken up half an hour later for dinner. Which, really, wasn’t bad at all–salad with mango and avocado. 


I have two more Children’s Days to go. I just thought that it might be a good idea to record this, because, well, it’s my first time in years that I’ve done anything remotely special for the occasion. And I’ve always wanted to recover my GameBoy, so…extra-special?

I’m trying to write this and play Pokemon and chat to my friend and do Biology at the same time. It’s one o’ clock in the morning and I think I’m failing all four endeavors. I should just call it a day.

(…and as an afterthought: I brought my GameBoy out with me today in the hope that I would get a chance to play [with???] it. But decided against; it was simply too embarrassing and the metro was just too jam-packed. Ugh, social pressure. :/ )

And lastly, for your entertainment: 


A is for ‘Awesome’.

26 Apr

First blog post dedicated to the challenge! Yay! I feel a bit out of practice with writing these posts–I keep correcting myself and digressing. So hopefully I’ll be able to put my point across, not ramble and yet still manage to explain everything clearly this time.

Why ‘awesome’? I’m not particularly awe-inspiring, or fearsome, or maybe even that remarkable at all. I like the word and I like to use it in conjunction with myself because it gives me a sort of self-confidence that I can attach and remove easily…like a macho mask. I don’t have to face facts or what I really think about myself when I shamelessly declare myself ‘awesome’; it’s something of a joke and people just roll with it (usually not without feigning horror and distress, though). In many ways, it’s just an obnoxious show of confidence I use to mask my lack thereof…  :/ 

‘Awesome’ means so much and yet so little. Explosions and awesome movie effects are awesome. Batman is awesome. Being able to skip class is awesome. ‘Awesome’ is what you say when you don’t want to really reply to your friend and you’ve already said ‘cool’ too many times. And that’s probably why I feel so comfortable using this particular term. Anything else would feel too precise. I wouldn’t be able to use the word ‘cool’ in the same way because if I did, it would suggest that I act and dress in a particular way (not to mention that it would be pretty ironic because what kind of cool person declares themself cool anyway?).

This totally awesome paragraph concludes this auto-psychoanalysis regarding why I use the word ‘awesome’ (and of your daily dose of awesomeness), presented to you by the awesome owner of this supremely awesome blog who just so happens to be really, really awesome.

(I don’t know why I assumed that the general Internet-surfing, blog-reading public would be interested in this.)