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X’mas Holidays

17 Dec

The Christmas Holidays are here.


There’s something about holidays now that really puts me at ease. It could be the sheer possibilities that are available to me, or it could be the prospect of being able to spend a leisurely afternoon in some awesome new cafe. In any case, I’m drunk with happiness and drunk with…freedom. I no longer have to worry about getting up in the mornings or rushing my homework during breaktimes or keeping on good terms with my classmates or…anything at all, really. My time is mine.

So I guess I’ll pick up blogging again? For this short while, at least. Blogs fluctuate–you get posts during the holidays and weekends, but usually they’re quite dormant during school/work season. Anyway, this reminds me of the summer holidays, and all in all it’s a great memory. Now I have more time to plan stuff that is other than the homework-rushing schedule for the next day, and to think about stuff that is other than how to bullshit the way through all those essays.

What is the purpose of this post, you ask? I am asking the same thing of myself. I suppose this is just me gushing on and on about how much I love the fact that it’s the holidays and about all the things that I’m planning on doing. 

Stuff that I will be doing:

  • I’m going to Hong Kong for a brief afternoon, to Singapore, and then finally to Beijing (where I will complete most of my holiday homework, no doubt). 
  • …Holiday homework, bluh
  • Lots of drawing. Lots of. Am hopefully going to finish at least half my sketchbook
  • Reading, too. Will stock up on ebooks and put them onto my Kindle.
  • Cafe-hunting! Although I’m not sure about this because of the traveling that I will do. Oh well, who said I couldn’t do this in S’pore/Beijing? 
  • Taking photos like a tourist, even though I was born there (Singapore).
  • Eating. I will expand sideways until I am unable to board the plane back to China, and then I will just stay in Singapore forever. Hell yes.

But now, on a more sobering note, I have to go to sleep. Tomorrow I shall write the essay that I should have written a week ago and that is due tomorrow. 

Go me.



Wait–what–a blog award?

9 Oct

Okay. Wow.

So blog awards do exist. I was wondering if these were like the equivalent to Facebook Notes, the kind like “100+ Disturbing Facts About Me”, but I figured what the hell, an award is an award, right, deal with it girl. In a positive way. 

What am I saying? In my defense, it’s 3 a.m. in the morning, I have 3 pages of Biology to finish by tomorrow (today) and I have no intention of going to sleep. 

I owe this award and many thanks to Ryan, then, of Nerd Adventures.

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
Once again, I owe this award and many thanks to Ryan, then, of Nerd Adventures.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

  1. I have two pairs of glasses. One for me to see long-distance, and the other for me to read (etc.)
  2. I play the piano
  3. Whenever I walk in front of a car, I get the feeling that the driver’s going to suddenly put his foot on the accelerator. For no good reason. Which is disturbing
  4. I cannot play basketball. Or football. Or soccer. Or anything at all really that involves large, high-speed flying objects. I’m not sure about dodgeball though because that’s what I do with all the other sports
  5. Sometimes I drop the full stop at the end of a sentence just because I feel like it
  6. Computers that I touch/use malfunction. Always. Even if it’s just for a little while
  7. I like doing things in sudden bursts (e.g. cleaning my room for a whole day and then suddenly losing interest entirely) but can never settle for a nice steady routine

3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies. (In no particular order)

  1. grrrl style
  2. Chimerical Quips
  3. A penny for your rant
  4. Selah Aran
  5. Rousserebelle 
  6. music.unrenowned.

Shoosh, I don’t know that many people, m’kay

4. Contact those buddies to cogratulate them.

Uh…HI EVERYONE, CONGRATULATIONS *arm-waving, lots of it*

Okay. Now I am really tired and need to go to sleep.

And since it’s 3 a.m., Three In The Morning is stuck in my head. Both of them (Pianokind and Can’t Sleep In This Casino).

No, I’m not wasting my time blogging.

18 Aug

According to my family, I’m wasting my time on the Internet. I can’t seem to make it clear to them that blogging isn’t really wasting time, or that blogging is much better than ogling people’s statuses on Facebook. To them, there’s no difference. Net is Net is Net is Net. But I digress.

Blogging is healthy and productive. And this is why:

1) You have a sense of achievement. There’s a little corner of the Internet that belongs to you, and you even have the web URL to prove it. It’s as if you have your own website, except that it’s free. When you post stuff on it, people can look at it and know that it’s yours. Years later, you (probably) still can look back upon it.

2) It helps you relieve stress and angst and anger. And a lot of other things too. Blogging is therapeutic, in a way. Why do people go to psychologists when they have problems? Psychologists listen and give support. Posting on a blog is like talking to a person, so it pretty much achieves the same effect as going to a psychologist. Moreover, it’s cost-free. I’ve seen anger blogs before, and I’m sure there are many others of similar nature that I haven’t yet seen. Writing enables people to express their emotions in healthy, non-violent and non-destructive ways.

3) And it’s also pretty much anonymous if you want it to be. Admittedly, that won’t do wonders for the pageviews, but if you’re trying to rant and rage about the people around you in everyday life, anonymity should sound pretty good.

4) You get to meet like-minded people/strangers on the Internet. I personally have a thing for talking to strangers, because it’s a) interesting, and b) it doesn’t matter what you tell them. (Not that I tell lies, though, but Omegle and services like that come in useful when you just want to bitch and don’t care who you’re bitching to). You get to meet bloggers in your niche and hopefully make friends with them. This is great, especially if you’re surrounded by assholes in daily life.

5) Writing practice. Or even typing practice. Writing is an important social tool, and sadly people today are writing less and less. It seems that the ability to write coherently and appropriately (also: without emoticons or “haha”s or “lol”s) is becoming increasingly rare. Posting on your blog does count as writing. I find myself being self-conscious about my own because I hate the idea of having others reading my blog when it’s all incoherent and valueless and whatnot.

6) You think more. Your blog gives you something to brainstorm for–especially if you set yourself a target of writing x posts in n days. It could either be the topic, or the argument…or even the makeup of the post.

7) If you stumble across blogs you like, it also means that you read more. Yes, reading. Another thing I dislike about today’s youth (pfft, as if I’m not part of it…) is that THEY/WE WATCH TOO MUCH TELEVISION. TV, to me, is a terrible thing. Roald Dahl pretty much drives this point home in his book Matilda, which I read a few years ago and rather liked. TV does nothing to encourage thought or imagination and merely acts as a pacifier. Reading, on the other hand, can help you with your command of [English] language.

8) Lastly–blogging takes away time that may otherwise be spent on useless activities, such as computer games. Or, you know, Facebook.

These are the eight points off the top of my head. I’ll probably try and come up with more, but there’s the feeling that the rest will sound forced. So tell me if any of these don’t make sense (or if they do), because they do to me. For the last time, I just want to make it clear that in no way does blogging equal to time-wasting.

Look what I found! TED.com: Mena Trott: On blogs

12 Aug

I was looking through TED and–whoa! What do I find? This awesome video. I’ve personally been trying (and failing) to properly describe the importance of blogging and why I do it to my family. Now, hopefully, they understand better (and will therefore allow me a later bedtime? Ah, whatever, I sleep in the a.m.-s already). I’ll post some other time about why the hell I actually blog, because it just se

ems like the right thing to do–looking at why you do something and what you gain from it–but that will have to wait for another day. For now, watch the video.

By the way: If you don’t know what TED is, my friends, then you have led a deprived life.

Okay. …Oh, and did I mention that this video is awesome?