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Word Salad.

24 Aug


I never thought I’d say this about the Shanghainese weather, which is typically warm and humid and generally terrible, but it’s been awesome lately. It actually is cooler outside than it is inside–a feat I had previously imagined impossible. Last summer pretty much rendered Shanghai this huge cooker, with the sun beating down on us every single day and also not to mention no cool breeze. Uh, you get the point. Last year = lameass fiery weather, and This year = nice cool breezy weather. And yes, it deserves this paragraph. I walk out of my apartment every day and literally smile because it’s so awesome. See? Low expectations, high levels of satisfaction. Anyway, am hoping that it will last. IT HAS TO.

That aside, I’m preparing for the upcoming school year (IB) by buying a shitload of awesome notebooks and other stationery I don’t even need. Shush, it’s like, my “thing”. Stationery-buying should be a viable pastime. I’ll give away what I don’t need later if I have to, but god knows that I’ll probably keep them in a drawer somewhere and forget. While other people collect clothes and the like, I collect stationery. And mugs and bags, but–

Another cause for celebration (actually, pretty much the only one) is the fact that the editor of the magazine I volunteered to write for emailed me back after a two-month break. It’s a magazine (English, of course) that gives information and advice about international schools in Shanghai, so I suppose it takes summer breaks, too. I have my first writing assignment–to write about my plans/goal for the upcoming school year and how I’m going to go through with them, which means that I’ll have to brainstorm and then bullshit it (sorry if you’re reading this…please, don’t be reading this). According to Harry Frankfurt, bullshit is something that is completely disregards the truth but may not necessarily be false…so that would be it. To be honest, though, I sort of look forward to the whole job. Bullshitting is simply part of it. 

I just realized that I’ve been really unproductive lately. I haven’t been blogging properly, haven’t been playing much piano, haven’t been doing much SAT, haven’t been–yes. But that’s the entire point of the summer holidays, so I might as well enjoy this preposterous time-wasting while I have the luxury to. Bluh.

…And there’s this sort-of-cute dude in this donut shop near my house who may or may not know my name but uh greets me upon meeting so I guess that’s a good thing and this is a disgusting run-on sentence so I shall terminate it immediately.

I envy you folks who are in college, yo. And y’all who actually manage to post coherently.

Unlike, well, me.


Summertime!: Not so exciting

26 Jul

I’m serious. I’m a total couch potato who would subtly destroy opportunities to get outside, so I’m going to do what I always do best during times like these–namely, sit in a cafe and surf the Internet.

I think what I’m trying to say is that although I’m glad to have some free time on my hands, I wish I had something more productive to fill it up with. I spent this morning wasting time on the Internet–literally–and my afternoon is slipping by in a haze of boredom and tiredness. Somehow, this feeling reminds me of the past summers I’ve had. It also reminds me of why I signed up to do work experience in the first place.

Yeah, I guess it is. Dull.

To earn some cash and in a desperate attempt at productivity, I’m spending about five hours a week doing the piano thing. It’s just sitting with them for an hour and telling them how to practice, but at least that’s doing something. The last kid just left around an hour ago and I’m still recovering from her aftereffects. That has got to be the most tiring, unproductive hour in my tutoring-thing history. Last time I covered an entire page with another kid; this miss barely got through half. *headdesk*

Two episodes of Daria, a cookie and an hour later, here I am, sleepy and exhausted despite having had no physical exertion whatsoever. I’ll go and look for a movie to watch later.

But first, a coffee. And it looks like I’ll have to plan for the rest of this month.