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Proxy Configurations!

22 Aug

I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out the proxy settings on the Macbook. Instead of a LAN setting (as I previously had on Windows), it had a whole bunch of proxies on the list: Auto Proxy, Automatic Proxy, Web Proxy (HTTP), Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS), FTP Proxy, SOCKS Proxy, Streaming Proxy (RTSP), and finally Gopher Proxy. (You can find this list on Safari by clicking Preferences -> Advanced tab -> Change Settings button -> Proxies.)

So if you were like me, you would go WTF. 

I typed in my proxy server to most of them. But when I selected one, it didn’t work. I could get onto Facebook’s welcome page, but not log in. This was for a number of similar sites. And it was getting ridiculous! I did the sensible thing and 

Googled it. 

Turns out that THREE PROXIES (HTTP, HTTPS and FTP) have to be checked in order for it to work as it does for LAN on Windows! The proof is in that I am actually typing this, since China blocks WordPress too. :/ 

So well yes here is my tecchy tip for today. It took me ages to figure this out so if you’re Googling it / following me / whatever else, yay for you! You will have this piece of valuable information with you for the rest of your life, whether you need it or not. 

And now I’m off to sleep; it’s Three In The Morning. Seriously, Three In The Morning!