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4 Jan

I was going to think about my holiday and all the jack shit I did (or rather, didn’t) but I ended up doing jack shit and not feeling like being the least bit productive.

This is what holidays are for, right? Just sort of sit around and vegetate


There are midterms after this holiday and said midterms are important

Like, getting-grades-sent-to-colleges important


(insert violent swearing here)

I’m going to sit around and vegetate until I forget this trauma now.


X’mas Holidays

17 Dec

The Christmas Holidays are here.


There’s something about holidays now that really puts me at ease. It could be the sheer possibilities that are available to me, or it could be the prospect of being able to spend a leisurely afternoon in some awesome new cafe. In any case, I’m drunk with happiness and drunk with…freedom. I no longer have to worry about getting up in the mornings or rushing my homework during breaktimes or keeping on good terms with my classmates or…anything at all, really. My time is mine.

So I guess I’ll pick up blogging again? For this short while, at least. Blogs fluctuate–you get posts during the holidays and weekends, but usually they’re quite dormant during school/work season. Anyway, this reminds me of the summer holidays, and all in all it’s a great memory. Now I have more time to plan stuff that is other than the homework-rushing schedule for the next day, and to think about stuff that is other than how to bullshit the way through all those essays.

What is the purpose of this post, you ask? I am asking the same thing of myself. I suppose this is just me gushing on and on about how much I love the fact that it’s the holidays and about all the things that I’m planning on doing. 

Stuff that I will be doing:

  • I’m going to Hong Kong for a brief afternoon, to Singapore, and then finally to Beijing (where I will complete most of my holiday homework, no doubt). 
  • …Holiday homework, bluh
  • Lots of drawing. Lots of. Am hopefully going to finish at least half my sketchbook
  • Reading, too. Will stock up on ebooks and put them onto my Kindle.
  • Cafe-hunting! Although I’m not sure about this because of the traveling that I will do. Oh well, who said I couldn’t do this in S’pore/Beijing? 
  • Taking photos like a tourist, even though I was born there (Singapore).
  • Eating. I will expand sideways until I am unable to board the plane back to China, and then I will just stay in Singapore forever. Hell yes.

But now, on a more sobering note, I have to go to sleep. Tomorrow I shall write the essay that I should have written a week ago and that is due tomorrow. 

Go me.