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28 Dec

Before I forget, I made a portfolio on WordPress for my college applications Arts Supplement 🙂 So if you would like to see it, here’s the link: Land Of Chaos And Contemplation Enjoy!

Hope you had a great Christmas and will have an awesome New Year!



17 Aug

Okay, so I was going to post about how I’m inevitably turning into a boring person who thinks of nothing but the SAT and the IB and colleges all day (hyperbole, y’all better appreciate it), but I found something much more worth of my words.


Even the album art is awesome.

“One Year Older” by Erik “Jit” Scheele. It is on my list of Best Albums now. I love every single song. These songs, they are making me happy and sad and happy and sad and happy and sad depending on the song and ALL THE FEELS, ALL OF THE FEELS. Also the fact that this is heavily piano-based! The piano is just such a melodic and emotional instrument (yeah, no duh). Alright, I will admit, I am biased. I play the piano. 

OHOHOHO this means that I will get the chance to attempt each and every song without sounding like a hopeless failure. 

Such. An. Auditory. Orgasm. 

Anyway, on a more depressing note, I will continue to research Personal Statement help tips to waste time and procrastinate while still remaining on-topic. And also do SAT practice. Because my future sort of depends on it. And also WRITE my Personal Statement. Do you know what is worse than writing a Personal Statement? SCRAPPING THE PREVIOUS PERSONAL STATEMENT THAT YOU ALREADY FINISHED BECAUSE YOU FOUND A MUCH BETTER TOPIC (or in my case, my <strikethrough>bestfriend</strikethrough> butler found it). OH THE PAIN. 

Let me attempt to overcome my inherent laziness once again. 


6 Jul

The title totally reminds myself of the song “In the Summertime”, of which artist’s name I forgot.

What can I say? This is the summer between two years of IB and seriously, there’s not much in terms of major rest and relaxation. Lots of essays, preparation for college–that sounds more like it! Which is sort of a shame, because I’ve only grown fond of holidays during recent years. The exciting thing about this summer, though, is the fact that I’ll be going to America for the first time in many years! 

Nevermind the fact that it’s partially for touring colleges and attending classes. It’s going to be fun anyway. Or at least I hope! Because I’m going to be with a group, like as in a summer program, it would totally suck if I couldn’t get along with the people there. Which I hope won’t happen. If it does, I guess I’ll just call people all the time and write/blog a lot.

(That sounds inviting.) But you get my gist!

So I guess this is turning into a “My Summer Plans” type of post. Oh well, I never seem to know what I want to write beforehand anyway. 

Summer program and touring aside, hopefully I’ll also get to meet an old friend! Who is sort of a sister-from-another-mother. So that should be a major highlight.  

( And all that aside I have a 4000 word draft, two English essays, an Art project and lots of late Bus.Man assignments that I have to hand in by the end of August. Am not happy about this: I leave in less than 10 days and have another 10 days after I get back from America to do this. More or less! )

IB aside, I really need to get my plans straight. I don’t really know which colleges I want to go to or what I want to study, and this is among the many things that I would like to find out this summer. I can’t prepare myself for what I don’t know will happen, so here’s hoping to getting that sorted out. Oh, and my personal statement. I need to get over my aversion to writing personal, emotional things in order to get that done. I find myself trying to hold back as much information as possible and seriously, I think I would feel a lot more comfortable writing someone else’s personal statement. I don’t like the feeling of having my thoughts and emotions on paper for anyone to see and laugh at.

Or having my emotions anywhere, really. 

But that’s growing up for you? Suck it up, that’s what I’ll have to do, just like all the people before me did and like all the people after me will have to do. 

Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Hope y’all have a great summer too.