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30 Jul

Now that I’m happily in America…THE LEGEND OF KORRA, YO. I am so going to watch all the aired episodes. The only downside to my plan: the crappy Internet speed. So now I’m like two minutes into the first episode and waiting for the rest to load! It’s currently stuck at 4 minutes and won’t go any further. 

Which is super annoying!

If you haven’t watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, you totally should. It’s a kid’s show, yeah sort of, but it’s not like that at all. The storyline is awesome, the characters are well-developed and realistic, and I also suck at giving reviews of any sort so I’m going to stop riiiiight here. 

About the slow Internet speed? I wasn’t kidding. 

I’ll probably finish the laundry before I even finish one episode. 


A is for ‘Awesome’.

26 Apr

First blog post dedicated to the challenge! Yay! I feel a bit out of practice with writing these posts–I keep correcting myself and digressing. So hopefully I’ll be able to put my point across, not ramble and yet still manage to explain everything clearly this time.

Why ‘awesome’? I’m not particularly awe-inspiring, or fearsome, or maybe even that remarkable at all. I like the word and I like to use it in conjunction with myself because it gives me a sort of self-confidence that I can attach and remove easily…like a macho mask. I don’t have to face facts or what I really think about myself when I shamelessly declare myself ‘awesome’; it’s something of a joke and people just roll with it (usually not without feigning horror and distress, though). In many ways, it’s just an obnoxious show of confidence I use to mask my lack thereof…  :/ 

‘Awesome’ means so much and yet so little. Explosions and awesome movie effects are awesome. Batman is awesome. Being able to skip class is awesome. ‘Awesome’ is what you say when you don’t want to really reply to your friend and you’ve already said ‘cool’ too many times. And that’s probably why I feel so comfortable using this particular term. Anything else would feel too precise. I wouldn’t be able to use the word ‘cool’ in the same way because if I did, it would suggest that I act and dress in a particular way (not to mention that it would be pretty ironic because what kind of cool person declares themself cool anyway?).

This totally awesome paragraph concludes this auto-psychoanalysis regarding why I use the word ‘awesome’ (and of your daily dose of awesomeness), presented to you by the awesome owner of this supremely awesome blog who just so happens to be really, really awesome.

(I don’t know why I assumed that the general Internet-surfing, blog-reading public would be interested in this.)

Word Salad.

24 Aug


I never thought I’d say this about the Shanghainese weather, which is typically warm and humid and generally terrible, but it’s been awesome lately. It actually is cooler outside than it is inside–a feat I had previously imagined impossible. Last summer pretty much rendered Shanghai this huge cooker, with the sun beating down on us every single day and also not to mention no cool breeze. Uh, you get the point. Last year = lameass fiery weather, and This year = nice cool breezy weather. And yes, it deserves this paragraph. I walk out of my apartment every day and literally smile because it’s so awesome. See? Low expectations, high levels of satisfaction. Anyway, am hoping that it will last. IT HAS TO.

That aside, I’m preparing for the upcoming school year (IB) by buying a shitload of awesome notebooks and other stationery I don’t even need. Shush, it’s like, my “thing”. Stationery-buying should be a viable pastime. I’ll give away what I don’t need later if I have to, but god knows that I’ll probably keep them in a drawer somewhere and forget. While other people collect clothes and the like, I collect stationery. And mugs and bags, but–

Another cause for celebration (actually, pretty much the only one) is the fact that the editor of the magazine I volunteered to write for emailed me back after a two-month break. It’s a magazine (English, of course) that gives information and advice about international schools in Shanghai, so I suppose it takes summer breaks, too. I have my first writing assignment–to write about my plans/goal for the upcoming school year and how I’m going to go through with them, which means that I’ll have to brainstorm and then bullshit it (sorry if you’re reading this…please, don’t be reading this). According to Harry Frankfurt, bullshit is something that is completely disregards the truth but may not necessarily be false…so that would be it. To be honest, though, I sort of look forward to the whole job. Bullshitting is simply part of it. 

I just realized that I’ve been really unproductive lately. I haven’t been blogging properly, haven’t been playing much piano, haven’t been doing much SAT, haven’t been–yes. But that’s the entire point of the summer holidays, so I might as well enjoy this preposterous time-wasting while I have the luxury to. Bluh.

…And there’s this sort-of-cute dude in this donut shop near my house who may or may not know my name but uh greets me upon meeting so I guess that’s a good thing and this is a disgusting run-on sentence so I shall terminate it immediately.

I envy you folks who are in college, yo. And y’all who actually manage to post coherently.

Unlike, well, me.